nothing left to say

Okay. New layout! Ehehe. I got it from the cover of The China Garden by Liz Berry. Copyrights and stuff under credits. ^^;; Anyway … I’m not sure the lyrics fit the image (they’re, uhh … The Corrs’ “Give It All Up”) but I couldn’t find anything better … in other words I searched for a few minutes and got lazy. XP Oh well.

Other layout got boring. Even with the wraparound text it’s still image here, text to the side. And this layout is the same, just reversed, but it’s still new, so it’ll stay up for, oh, say a couple of days. :b But I still like the other layout … Mikako … and pnik :b … and Ai Yazawa … but the coding/placement got boring. So yeah.

On Tuesday night Mommy got me to watch Dead Like Me. :D Funny show. Not just funny. It’s interesting. It’s not … plain humor. I like the actor who plays George. Or is it Georgia? *didn’t pay much attention* Whyyyy did they put it on at 11 at night?! And then … the regular airtime from now on is Fridays at TEN. ;_; That’s Monk time!!! *wails* Unfaaair!

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