Animatrix, the New Tetris, and the Sims

Stayed up til 2:30 last night watching The Animatrix. Gehehe. I loved the animation. ^__^ But I didn’t get much of the stories. Partly because I had the volume turned down low, and partly because I haven’t seen the Matrix movies. ^^;;;

“The Final Flight of the Osiris” used computer animation, like the Final Fantasy movie. And “Kid’s Play” used animation that’s quite different. Looks sketchy, or like they left the pencil marks in, or … I dunno. I rather liked it. I don’t really remember the rest. ^^;;;

Today I spent almost an hour playing The New Tetris. ^___^ Except I really stink at Tetris lately. ¬_¬ First game I got like 400 lines, second I forget, 460? And third I was just trying to get our needed lines below 65,000, so I just got 270. x_x Augh.

Hidek played The Sims on the Gamecube with my neighbor. He was “Ozzy” and Hidek was “Dude.” My neighbor said, “Don’t put their rooms right next to each other, that’s gay!” o_o;;; When I went into his room again, Hidek said, “See how lazy he [neighbor] is? He’s got doors going directly from his bedroom to the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room!” Hahaha. And my neighbor walked into the bathroom while Hidek was on the toilet >.> so Hidek walked in on him when he was in the bath, saying, “At least when you’re in the bathtub you won’t get out.” :b is down. :( I’m left out in the cold! Wahhh!!! *ahem* >.>;; It’s one less thing that I could be doing. Of course, I could be working on Elsewhere (for some reason I just stopped), SMCasmin (I worked on it a bit yesterday; I have one section written, and the beginning of another), or Midnight Rendezvous (I’m thinking about just making it generally about books; anything I want to put up there concerning me and books). But no, of course not. I made another livejournal for myself for quizzes and surveys. ^^;;; I dunno why. I don’t know if I’ll even use it for that long. I don’t even know how to change colors or anything. :( But it’s here, anyway.

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