everything I say is a lie

Hm. (I have to stop starting entries with that …) I just remembered this Word document I have, where I put all the lyrics I have songs to, or lyrics that I like, and last time I checked it was 325 pages … yeah, and I think by now my collection has about doubled, but I haven’t been adding lyrics to the document, they’ve just been going straight on my lyrics site. ^^;; I like the Word document because, if I were to ever want a lyric with a specific word in it … I’d just have to use Ctrl+F. :) Nifty, yo. But … meh. Lazy. I still have to update my lyrics site. o_O I’m trying to add credits to the lyrics, and I got up to The Cardigans and got scared. (I have six pages of lyrics for them. *nodnod*) So … yeah.

Watched Count of Monte Cristo. :D But the book is better many times over, definitely. (In the audio commentary: “If we followed the book perfectly, the film would be 35 or 40 hours long.” XD) Mommy and I watched Count of Monte Cristo from 7 to 10:30, then watched the extra stuff, then watched Dead Like Me (blue books … scary o_O), then I watched random tv (Simpsons – Bart: “Are you gonna eat that whole thing?” Homer: “Pinchy would have wanted it that way. *sob*”).

Then I remembered I left my laptop on. … Yeah. O.o;;; Getting off now, though …

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