new layout – Avril

Okay, new layout. :) It’s just Avril Lavigne with a brush I made all over the piccie. ^^; Too lazy to fix up the rest of the coding ’cause my touchpad won’t scroll. >.>

For a little while after I restarted my laptop after installing the Windows updates, IE wouldn’t open. O.o And whenever I tried to open an html document on my computer it couldn’t be found. Weird. But everything works now. I hope. Yeah.

So. The other day I found this site, (I think it is) ’cause I wanted to see more Avril piccies of her wearing … I dunno, whatever “they” called it. Just basically what she’s wearing in the pic above. ^.^ I think she’s lucky. >O I want that skirt!

And … I have gone in less of an egl/ega direction and more in a punk goth loli … oh well! ^_^

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