program conundrum

At the moment Windows Media Player is annoying me. Why? I forget. *falls over* Um. I think it has to do with how much memory it uses up? A little while ago I had WMP 10, Photoshop 7, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and WS_FTP open, and my laptop was running a mite slowly. Pooh.

Or it could have something to do with how stupidly this version’s playlist editing is set up. (“Oh, to edit a playlist it needs to be in the Now Playing List. And if the playlist itself changes right along with the Now Playing List? No, those changes aren’t actually saved. You must do that yourself, despite the program showing the original playlist as changed!”) Blah.

Or, it could be that stupid “Let’s resize the columns every time the playlist is scrolled!” thing. Does Microsoft just love overloading programs with stupid features that slow down response time? Blah.

But I don’t want to use Winamp solely. That’s because it’s a bit too simplistic. I like having all my music listed in one place and all my playlists being one or two clicks away. Other than that … I have no complaints, really.

The other program conundrum I have is with my blogging software. Right now I’m using pMachine free. But the company doesn’t offer that on their website anymore. It’s just pMachine Pro, or their new software that they’re really trying to push, ExpressEngine. I don’t particularly like using software that is no longer … the focus? Or something. It’s just been pushed aside. That’s how it seems to me. I was waiting for a new release to fix the comment spam thing, but I think the release for the pro version won’t be coming out for a while … and I can assume the free version will come out um, never.

I was trying to ignore all that and just continue using pMachine. I don’t really mind too much, since I don’t use my blog too much anymore. ^_^;; But it still irks me. Yesterday, I downloaded WordPress. Or, actually, checking their site just now, I guess I did it before then … there’s a new version out now. Gee, outdated before I even start … heh.

Okay so the only two problems I have are that I like this pMachine, despite not knowing completely how to edit the templates … and I don’t know if I’ll like WordPress; and the other problem is what the heck do I do with the pM entries I have now? I already have extraneous GM archives hanging around and shiz. I guess I should try their import feature, I’m just afraid of how badly that’ll go. hah. Trying out WordPress would possibly solve both problems, actually. *snark*

(If, when I post this entry, there is “1 comment” already, I’m definitely trying WordPress.)

(2:26 Yup, I’m trying WordPress. *glare*)

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  1. Eww, those online casino spams are so annoying ::points upward::. *>:

    I heard about WordPress and was wondering about it (no, I haven’t given up on my blog that’s in progress yet. I’m just looking for a back-up just in case if I do give up :P).

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