haaaail~ and cameraaa~

Darn, I somehow lost the picture I took of hail in our backyard … yeah, hail in L.A. Cool, no? I forget when that happened. Friday night? Or was it Thursday? Eh, around 3:15 am anyway. They weren’t that big. Daddy said maybe nickel-sized. *shrug*

I still can’t believe I lost that piccie. One moment I’m looking at the camera, and it says 16 megs of space free, then I hook it up to the computer where it says no pictures, and the next I look at the camera again and it says 31.4 megs free. *weep*

Well, I’m out $430, but I gots a camera. XD Canon Powershot S500 Digital Elph. And I should be getting $60 rebate. And I got a free 128 mb card with it, at Best Buy. Bweeeee

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