They put the oddest things in spam …

How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?
Why is it that when we are humming and then we plug our nose, our humming stops? Do people really hum through their nose, or their mouths?
Can you blow a balloon up under water?
Can crop circles be square?
How do they get the air inside the bubble wrap?
Why are there black lines on a basketball?
Does it really count in court when an atheist is sworn in under oath using a Bible?
Why are there pictures of the sun wearing sunglasses when the purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun?
If you were born exactly on 12:00 midnight on December 31st–January 1st, which year would you say you were born in?
If marriage means you fell in love, does divorce mean you climbed out?
Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed?
When a car is for sale and it has a balloon on it, does the balloon come with it?
If you are parking somewhere and the signs in front of the parked cars say “30 minutes” then when your 30 minutes are up can you park in the spot right next to you??
Why isn’t the word ‘gullible’ in the dictionary?
When you see the weather report and it says “partly cloudy” and then the next day it says “partly sunny”; what’s the difference?


  • It’s a sign of our more lazy lifestyle.
  • Is it just me or does this seem obvious? I dunno…
  • I wanna try this. XP I guess you can’t … unless you have a lung capacity of a balloon … ehh … bad grammar *whackwhack* Make sense of it.
  • I dunno, I guess the real question is what do crop circles say? What’s the significance?
  • *imagines a smashy machine*…
  • dunno, so you can tell which way it’s spinning? *shall ask Daddy*
  • I dunno. I guess it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s just a sign of how little the Bible is worth today…?
  • People are stupid?
  • The new one. Everyone says happy new year at midnight … so it’s the new year. Also, military time starts at 0:00, right? (The day certainly wouldn’t end after 0:00…)
  • yes
  • Ooh, I knew this once! Er. I don’t remember now though. :x
  • Only if you say pretty please.
  • I dunno. :P Try it.
  • It is. I actually looked it up once. *laughs*
  • like half full or half empty, maybe?

WordPress came out with 1.5.1 8 days ago … Shows how often I look at that update page! Now I have to upgrade … *nervous* I’ll get around to it …

What happened to extreme tracker? Did it die? I just tried to look at it now, and I got a 502 “bad gateway” error … but I use a Dell. :o Okay that was bad…

It’s the start of my summer! wahoo! (How does one get a job? I have absolutely no friggin clue.) The one thing that I’ll miss about not having classes is that I can’t listen to my uber cool stereo system in my car. Dang.

2 thoughts on “spamishness

  1. The one thing that I’ll miss about not having classes is that I can’t listen to my uber cool stereo system in my car. Dang.

    ::really random thought:: Maybe you could just sit out in your car and listen to music? (while not going anywhere) :3

    O_o That came in email spam? Did it all come in the same spam, or seperate spams?

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