*gasp* nekkid! (of CSS)

I decided to go along with CSS Naked Day (although I’m not signing up, I just don’t care that much), so the whole site is plaintext for at least the next 24 hours. (I know, I’m late for the world-wide 48 hours of April 9th. :( )

I heard of it last year, but I was too late to participate. (Or was it some sort of grey theme site I saw? I don’t really remember. I like the CSS-less theme better anyway.) This year … I am a little bit early for America, woohoo! *laugh*

(Hm, my knowledge is lacking in the area of time zones and eastern/western hemispheres and … such. I know I’m about 17 hours behind Australia … and eight seven hours behind wherever the Greenwich Mean line is. Which means … well I’ve got 27 hours until April 9th is over. At least 32 hours for April 9th to finish … at least through Hawaii. Where is the last land mass to pass to the next day??)

The only thing that really bugs me about this is the Times New Roman. I am no longer a fan of Times New Roman, or its original Times typeface created for The Times in London. But I … must … not … touch!

(If anyone’s curious [another reason why I decided to do this: I have no idea how many people regularly visit this site and figured, why not, it couldn’t hurt too many people :P], I don’t like Times because it’s meant for newspapers: the letters are all smashed and thin and I like round letters, like Tahoma, or Georgia. I can’t stand Arial/Helvetica because they’re so skinny.)

2 thoughts on “*gasp* nekkid! (of CSS)

  1. Ahh, I was thinking of doing it this year, but when I temporarily disabled styles on my blog (with the Web Developer Toolbar), I saw that because I have my Flickr thumbnails right under the navigation (which is right above the content), you have to scroll one screen down (or more) to get to the content. :x

    I still would like to participate, but I just find the way I’ve coded it a little embarrassing, especially on Naked Day. ^_^; I have tried putting the navigation under the content and the thumbnails as well, but I couldn’t get the entire layout to behave well. :/

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