the lesser of two really crappy companies

A headline on Yahoo’s front page: “Report: Yahoo!, AOL in talks; Microsoft, News Corp. mull bid” :(

I was completely against Microsoft buying Yahoo, but now I think I’d prefer it to … AOL.

I never really commented on that whole news item regarding Microsoft and Yahoo, did I? I really do like Yahoo (except for it buying Geocities…) and I am loyal to it probably only because it’s ancient in internet years. I remember not fully understanding the directory they had going on, along with the search that they also offered.

It’s stayed my homepage ever since … well, I switched from Netscape 4.5 to Internet Explorer 5.5 I guess. (Backstory: Netscape had user accounts so for my account I had my website, Inconsistent Angel Things, set as my homepage. I would open IE if I wanted Yahoo.)

I do agree with one comment I’ve heard, that their site layout is jam-packed with everything, but then who would expect a Yahoo to be couth and suave…?

2 thoughts on “the lesser of two really crappy companies

  1. Huh, I didn’t see that one coming. O_o

    Some folks from Slashdot are hoping Yahoo accepts Microsoft’s offer:

    When Microsoft burns through all of their cash buying Yahoo, they might be in a whole bunch of trouble. No more ability to absorb losses in business areas when trying to break into a market.

    So for this reason. I hope Yahoo accepts the deal.

    Which doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me, but what I’m concerned about is if Microsoft does go down, taking Yahoo with it, will Flickr be able to rise from the ashes?

    (Yes, that’s right. ._.; As much as I love Yahoo and their search engine, I realized I could find alternatives to everything they have that I use, i.e. Google for their search engine and so on. ^_^; I just want Flickr to stay the same. ;o;)

  2. Don’t forget (“List of Acquisitions by Yahoo!”)

    I guess I could switch over to using Google if Yahoo were to change that much after being bought (by anyone), but I think mostly I use Yahoo for the convenience of whatever I need being on one page (or a click or two away from said page).

    While I guess that is a good thing for Microsoft to be knocked down for a bit, I don’t consider it equal with or greater than losing Yahoo. XD;;

    And sorry it took a while for your comment to show up. It went into moderation for some reason and I’ve been too busy to look at my admin panel. :o

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