a new, shiny Christmas

Today wasn’t much different from other Christmas Eves. Mum made cookies and brownies with some help from me and Daddy, Mum wrapped presents and I wrapped some, and we watched our Christmas videos.

One big difference though is that the videos were much sharper and clearer (or the flaws were more noticeable). Yes, we have a new Sony Bravia XBR something or other, 52″. High definition, widescreen flat panel, with 120 hertz or 120 frames per second. Mr. Magoo never looked so good!

What did we watch? Mickey’s Christmas Carol (with some Goofy and Donald shorts beforehand; this was taped on CBS sometime in the 80s or early 90s), Care Bears Nutcracker (DVD bought last year), Rugrats Hanukah special, Hey Arnold! Christmas, New Doug Christmas, Edith Ann Christmas, and Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (DVD bought last year).

Watching the old tape we have of Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug, and Edith Ann specials made me wonder if any of this was on DVD because hey, VHS won’t last forever. Or even the next ten years. (Ooh, some of Hey Arnold! is on DVD[-R]! *adds to must-buy list*)

So I looked up Edith Ann and there really isn’t much out there on the special. It’s mostly about Lily Tomlin. Nothing against her (really, she’s great), but … boo. The Edith Ann special is one of my favorites! It’s … different. But still oddly heart-warming, in its way. *grin*

I want it on DVD! But no one’s done it. Blah. I’ll have to record from the tape and burn to DVD. Snitty quality, but it’s better than nothing. I just have to get my butt in gear and figure out how to make a DVD from a VHS tape. Then I’ll have Edith Ann on DVD for however long DVD-Rs last!

(Should I save the commercials as well? ’96 ads, hmm.)

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