state of my internetness address

I haven’t really been on the computer much lately … which can technically be called a lie. What I mean is I’m not spending almost the whole day on the computer. I may get on in the morning (11ish), after lunch (1ish), or in the evening (5ish). The times I get on in the morning or after lunch are the times I go on someone else’s computer so that I get off in a couple hours or so.

Most of my time I’m filling requests for layouts. Or reading my lj friends page. That’s what I do daily. Once a week on the weekends I update [my fanlistings (link to iat f-f)]. Every few days I read blogs/journals.

On Saturday Mum started taking the paint off the front porch. To explain … there’re three layers of paint, we found out: the grey-blue paint my parents put on it when they first bought the house; the maroon paint they were trying to cover up; and to Mum’s surprise, fire engine red paint. The blue and maroon layers come off nicely just like the picture on the paint remover can, but the red paint does nothing but liquify then dry back up. Mum thinks there’s lead in the paint which prevents it from peeling like the newer layers of paint. Luckily, though, we found out that turpentine will remove the red paint, when used in conjuntion with the paint remover (even though it says on the can to not mix with other substances, haha). It just takes a long time. So every day we’re outside scrubbing the porch for two hours or, more often, longer.

It’s amazing how, when I take into account stuff I do when I randomly get off the computer and walk around the house, and other stuff like eating, that those two hours mean I lose a lot out of the day. So I haven’t really done any of the stuff I wanted to do over the summer. :( But I’ll make a list now! Just to remind myself. Or guilt myself. Or something.

  • ✓ WordPress install for new dreamlog
  • ✓ input all old entries into WordPress x.x
  • ✓ credit all (as many as possible) lyrics in [Lyrically Longing]
  • add more lyrics to lxl
  • join lots and lots of fanlistings for stuff from my childhood
  • make a website for Amy Lee’s fashion (much like Padme’s Wardrobe … except without the niftyness and multiple pictures and neato layout and overall ubertasticness)
  • finish remaking jeans into a skirt (find fabric!)
  • make a subsection in SMC for pictures of collections I have (eg Snoopys, manga, books, playing cards … whatever; this is mostly for when I’m bored, which evidently ain’t happening soon)
  • READ *g*

But at least I managed to clean my room and clean off my desk. Although it’s not really noticeable now … *cough*

Odd, even though I’ve taken to staying up way late again (*smashy*), I still haven’t got near enough time as I used to. *goes to bed now*

yayness! (lab, summer, skateboard, Making of Fallen)

Yay! I’m done with my formal lab report! Or, almost. I just have to draw the structure of the molecules. Then I’m done! *celebrate*

Summer’s almost here too! Yay! I have lots of stuff I’m planning to do. Don’t know how much of it I’m gonna accomplish, though. Considering I had a list last year and I don’t think I did much of it. Um. What I want to do: finish crediting all the lyrics (possible) on my site, upload lyrics of my recently acquired albums; convert my GM entries to WP entries; read lots; move my dreamlog to a WordPress blog on my site (baibai Diaryland…); umm … I forget other stuff, but I have it written down somewhere.

(I’ve adopted Neil Gaiman’s method of breaking up sections. *grin*)

I was thinking recently that I need exercise. Not the go to the gym get sweaty kind, but just … get outside, do something other than sit around all day. I like to rollerblade, but the sidewalks around here are kind of in various states of disrepair. It’s fun going really really fast and then jumping over cracks, but then … doing it all the time? It just makes my joints hurt (in my mind). I also thought, I don’t know, I could have always rollerbladed, and I never did, so why would I now?

But! I had a really crazy mad thought! Maybe I could take Hidek’s old skateboard and learn how to ride that! hah. I don’t know. *thinks of old entry about wanting to skateboard* It’d be fun. I’d have to tighten the trucks or whatever it is Hidek loosens to make his board more turny-able. But then the biggest problem with my idea is that I think Hidek doesn’t have an old skateboard I could use. He has an old skateboard, but I can’t use it. I think something like, one of the trucks is broken, or he lost a screw or something … meh. *dreams*

[edit:2:00am] Oh yeah, I forgot, somehow. O_o Double yay! I managed to download the Making of Fallen part II file from Evanescence Website! XDDDD Finally! After maybe half a year … Now to watch it … *happyhappyjoyjoy*


Enthusiast hates me. :(

But at least with v3 I managed to install it … I’m just stuck on actually making a fanlisting at the moment. (moment=2 or so hours)

flimsysilence favicon and ofTen

Yay! has a favicon! I don’t know why I decided to do it. I don’t know where the idea came from. But there ya go. I just used the ƒ character (whatever that is … I don’t know what it is >_> has an ALT code 0131) and drew an s around it. woo.

*dork* :)

I kinda wish I could make it transparenty-ish though. I could make the background that normal grey color, but then what about the people who change their color settings, huh, what about them??? … Okay I’m just being weird and happysatisfied. New favicon. Or is it really new, considering there wasn’t an old one? … *moves off the subject*

I have this nagging feeling that I just lifted the idea off some other trademarked logo, though … I’ve done things like that before. If anyone can tell me where I got it from I’ll take it down. ^^;;

- - - - -

Today I have been enlightened one tiny little step. When I was in the sixth grade my social studies teacher had this one student read off words on a side board, and the student read “often” pronouncing the T. For a split second, I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all my life?! How stupid am I?’ But then the teacher corrected the student, saying that the word “often” was mispronounced a lot, and that the T is actually silent. So I spent a few more years thinking that …

Lately, though, I’ve been hearing ofTen so much, and it was driving me nuts. Today I heard some guy on the radio pronounce the T, and in a fit of … frustration? I went to to see if I could figure out why so many people pronounced “often” that way. says both ways are correct though. So then I went to the lovely, handy-dandy, and found out pronouncing the T has “come back.”

I don’t know, I just thought that was interesting. ehehe.

[edit: WP doesn’t save triple carriage returns line breaks?]
[edit2@4:41: Maybe I’m thinking of ƒx. ^^;; Yeah … in Microsoft Excel or something?]