go Padmé!

Padmé seems to be able to get up now, since whenever I look in the cage she’s right side up. Either that, or she doesn’t lie on her back anymore. But anyway, isn’t she the cute little piggie! ^_^

Cattre’s been limping since last night or so. We don’t know why. Hidek noticed it first. O_o Mama thinks it’s ’cause she fell off the catwalk, and that she’s not sleeping up there anymore, but I saw her up there once, so I don’t know.

Also, Shadow seems to throw up when I don’t give him the Petromalt for a few days. Even though the instructions are “every day until symptoms disappear, then once every week” which I do, but he barfs whenever I stop giving it to him! So Mama said I should give it to him every other day. Gave it to him today. Heh, the night he barfed, he was sitting on the sofa, on my book, and I picked him up so he’d barf in the kitchen. We were hurrying and everything, but he didn’t make it, so he threw up in the entree, and he spit up on his paws too. :| When I cleaned it all up, I felt really nauseous. It was the night I watched Monk. :D Thursday.

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