mah luverly kitties

It finally happened. Wulfie fell off the catwalk. O_O We don’t know how or why, but Hidek saw him land on the pool table, on his feet. He seems okay. He even went back up on the catwalk. O.o

Gave Shadow Petromalt. Also forced it on Cattre, and Wulfie and Dusty licked some up.

Shadow’s less wary of me now. *shrugs* Don’t know why. In fact, earlier this night, after he waved his tail around and I petted the air above him, he didn’t really run away, he just kind of walked off. ^_^

I think Pigtre’s finally slimming down a bit. But she’s still very wide. Padmé is still skinny. ;_;

Yesterday, I kept mixing up Padmé’s and Pigtre’s names. T-T I apologized profusely to them, but I’m not sure they forgive me.

Oh. Cattre’s all better, I guess.

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