everything will be just fine

I’m trying to write more in here. I think I don’t write in here because I don’t like the cgi files building up on my site. ^.^;;;

I downloaded a Taipei game. Wheee. ^-^ I haven’t played since we got rid of that IBM … (which Grandpa bought, which we got in like 1990, which cost $5,000 o.O which had Windows 3.1) And I have to say … WAS THAT GAME ALWAYS THIS HARD???? T-T I’ve played two games … and I haven’t won either of them. u.u;;

“Nothing’s so loud as hearing when we lie. Truth is not kind. And you’ve said neither am I.” — Toad the Wet Sprocket

Wow, that song is rather nice… Never heard the beginning before.

the evening speaks, I feel it say…
nothing’s so cold
as closing the heart when all we need
is to free the soul
but we wouldn’t be that brave I know

But I don’t like the chorus much. “ALL I want is to FEEL this way, to BE this close, to FEEL the same.” O_o

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