imported gm entries

Ahh, I understand, the original WP entries kept their entry # designations … the GM entries were just added on afterwards … I hope I didn’t break anything. :x Also there’s that “0” under the archives, dunno what to do about that … bah.

But anyway. I’ve got my GM archives in WP. Yayez.

[edit]10:16 Dang, the unorderedness is really bugging me now. AHHH!!

net geek

woo, two posts in one day…

I’ve been on the internet too long. Year-wise, not hour-wise. I dunno …

Someone on the radio said, I forget, but they said “…you’re…” The person said it like yor so I seriously thought they said “your” and I was about to correct them, “No, you’re.”

… yeah, I’ve spent too much time online … or I’ve gone to the next level in grammar nazism.

I upgraded WordPress! Woo! Easiest Upgrade Ever. haha. But I found out there’s an import Greymatter included IN the blog itself (ehehe), so I decided to find out more about it, maybe even import … but I guess it’s hard to do in 1.5. I was willing to try it with 1.5.1, but then I found out it needs to import from a Greymatter install (duh?). Dangit! I don’t think I’m allowed to install Greymatter on this server. I forget where I read that. I wonder what would happen if I tried anyway … >b It’s not like I’m actually going to use it or anything …

(Oh, it’s under their TOS. Pooh.)

watch it come up

Yay! No more Greymatter! ^_^ Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just got tired of all the cgi files and stuff. Now I’m using pMachine. If I paid for it, it could make more blogs, but I don’t wanna pay for it. *cheap* So only one blog.

I think everything’s good right now. Except flimsysilence-dot-net won’t go directly to “index.php” :( And I don’t want to use a splash page. Yughies. Also the GM archives aren’t up yet. And the entry/archives pages aren’t fixed up, so they’ve got the default pM layout. Um. I think that’s it. Now I’m being lazy because I just fixed up the look of the entries on the main page. ^_^; So yeah.

I don’t really have anything else to do at the moment. Except for maybe worry about my grades. I don’t want to do that. I could read Battle Royale. But I’m not really in a reading mood. I don’t know what I could do …

more blog news stuff

Yay, I have entry pages for entries 1 through 30. See how productive I was today? Haha.

Now I’m undecided. Do I sign up for an account at some journal site? Or do I not? If I do, then I have yet another journal account. @.@ And it wouldn’t be on my server. If I don’t, then I’m stuck with Greymatter, and I don’t want to keep racking up these entries that I have to carry around with me every time I change servers. But I’m gonna get hosting for in the next few months, what would I do with that journal account then? But if I don’t get a journal, I wouldn’t update my blog, ’cause I don’t wanna use Greymatter.

And other thoughts that I can’t quite form in my brain and put in order here. Mm. *shrugs*

Well, either way, I’m trying to make a new layout. Except PSP 8 is so slooow. :| I dunno how it compares to PS, memory and space and whatever else wise, but it’s still slower than PS. Although it takes like half a second shorter to load up. XP And just now, when I hit “save” then went to another window, it said PSP did something or other and had to be closed, and bleh. So I dunno if it saved, Ha Ha Ha. Doesn’t matter, I’m not sure I like it all that much after all.

But still. PS never has to be closed. Well, except when I select the window to close it and then close it, but all the display windows are still struggling to show up, then Windows tells me it’s not responding, do I want to end it immediately? I just hit no and it closes on its own time. *shrugs* I think the only good PSP 8 does is give me more filters and stuff to mess with. :P

That reminds me … PS 8 came out recently, didn’t it? Hmmm … *dreams* I think it comes with Adobe Illustrator as well? I don’t really know what I’d do with that, I just want it. :b I dunno, I forget what I read. I forget where I got the link to the page that I read. o_O

No, what I really want at the moment is a computer that could handle PS and PSP 8 and … whatever else. Ooh. I would like a computer that I could play Rollercoaster Tycoon and Starcraft on without the graphics being all fuzzy. Yes, that would be nice. But it cannot be had. Maybe when I go to Cal Poly. No, definitely when I go to Cal Poly. ¬.¬ I’m not gonna take graphics classes with a laptop that has only 256 ram, and absolutely no space for more.

I’m being random. Oh well. To add to the randomness … my immediate wants are Paradise Kiss 5 and The Strokes’s album that isn’t Room on Fire (I keep forgetting the name of it). Yeah. And a nice red shirt. Or tank top. I have one old red shirt that’s faded and that the cats pulled a couple threads out of, so it looks ratty, and I have an almost brand new tank top from Forever 21, the Asian one with all the gold glitter on it, but it has glitter on it, and I don’t like wearing it around just anywhere.

I never mentioned that I found out over winter break that the mall now has a Charlotte Russe store. :D Verah cool. Great fun. Except it’s too expensive. :( Oh well. Need sleep badly now.

losing my mind again

So fsnet has been back for a month now. Okay, a month and a day (too preoccupied to say this yesterday). And in that time, I have made a total of 6 posts. A year ago, a time when I didn’t update frequently (or so I thought) I made 15 posts in the same time period. I think I’ve lost my fondness for my blog. Heh, like that wasn’t obvious when I said I wouldn’t bring it back for a while … :b

Yeah, anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I still like fsnet, I wouldn’t get rid of it any time soon. But I’m just not in a journal-keeping mood. I mean, look at my lj a year ago, I was updating that thing almost daily. And now I’ve posted only a handful of times this past month. (Of course, I could make this point much more easily if I could LOOK at my journal archives … ¬.¬ *thinks evil thoughts of Livejournal’s servers*) I think the reason why I haven’t been updating is because I’m in a whiny mood, and I don’t want to annoy anyone. :b I don’t want to constantly complain about schoolwork or whatnot. (Hm, has a definition for whatnot, it is a real word! XP) … (And the longer I stare at “m-w,” the more it looks like a face with someone holding their hands up in front of their face … like one hand has the fingers down, and the other hand has the fingers up … yeah, I think I’ve had too much internet … is five straight years too long?)

Nothing else happens in my life. What did I do this past week? I did math homework, I thought about my Color & Design project, then constructed it, I read a biography on Mary Leakey over the weekend, I typed up an econ outline which I did not print out and thusly could not turn in today … I ate, I bathed, I brushed, I slept, I dreamed, I breathed, I read blogs and journals (lately I’ve been reading only four blogs and three journals, not counting my friends list; very few for me), I made lj icons, I looked at Evanescence icons, I watched Whale Rider, I … listened to music … I drove … I stressed … and there’s my week. In a very tiny paragraph.

Ooh, that leads so nicely into my next point. I didn’t even plan it. XD

I don’t like GM so much anymore. I’m not saying I dislike it, I just don’t want to use it anymore. (Hm, is there so much of a difference there?) I don’t like the idea of writing something short that takes up space on my website. And yet that’s all I really have to post, lately. But I don’t want to clog up my friends’ friends pages with all that. So I’d like to make a blog that was not stored on my server, and also didn’t have any friends on it. But I don’t want to pay for layout-making privileges either. :b So I was thinking about getting a Mindsay account. But then I’d have to make point to that place, and then I’d have to link all the other pages back to this spot (like the groups page, links page, and other stuff). And I’m not sure that I can totally customize the layout.

Hmm … the only other place I can think of is GreatestJournal, but I already have one, and I don’t want to use it, ’cause it’s private, and I don’t want to pollute Christine’s friends page, but I also don’t want to sign in and out … @_@ Blah. I don’t know of any other good places.

Now I’ve lost my train of thought ’cause I was thinking of GJ. XP Well. Last thought that doesn’t really have to do with the rest of the entry. For some reason, even though they look perfectly fine on my computer, when I upload the cgi files of old entries I have, they get corrupted and change. Although, after downloading the first entry, correcting it, and uploading it again, it seems like all the other entries have changed back nicely as well. o_O I just found that out while looking for an example of how it changes. ^_^;;; Well, as much as I remember, the first entry had, on the first line, all that date title time etc info, then it had |yes|yes|closed|||no| even though the copy on my computer said |yes|yes|open, and I uploaded that two or three or more times, and the bad version on the server wouldn’t change. -.- Well, we’ll just see if what I did really fixed it, when I rebuild all the files … if not, I’m giving up, and just saving all my old entries as txt files and starting all over again without GM somewhere.

On a fairly unrelated note (it’s still about my blog), checking my url referrers earlier tonight, I discovered that someone found my blog because they were looking for an image of a “japanese girl” and found my picture that I uploaded a LONG time ago … *shudder* I don’t want to know why someone wanted a pic of a Japanese girl, and I really don’t want to know why Google still has it in their database. But at least it was a really really tiny pic of me, so if you saw it, then saw me, you couldn’t really tell it was me. :b

edit: Dang, didn’t work. -.- What to do, what to do … *is too lazy to save all 200+ cgi files as txt files*
edit2: YEAH! XD I now have a 00000001.shtml page! AND my archive index actually lists it! XDDDDD
edit3: I guess this means I have to edit each individual entry through Greymatter and mark it as open. >_> *too lazy*