choosing college; lj lost dream

Yesterday, Mommy gave me the Cal Poly catalog that Auntie J got for me. And on Saturday Uncle G asked me, “So you’re thinking of going to Cal Poly?” (Me: “… I don’t know.”) T-T

And and … under the list of academic programs, there’s “Graphic Communications, BS” as opposed to “Graphic Design, a specialization under [Art].” ;_; But I’m a baby, I can’t live away from home. ^^;;; Even though I’d be living with Auntie J and Uncle G. It’s still 5 hours from home (by train). Ugh. x_x

I suppose I want to be a part of both CSUCI and Cal Poly equally. (CSUCI = former state hospital XP). But I don’t want to major in Graphic Design. But I don’t want to live so far from home either. :( And I’m running out of time to decide … >>—x_x->

Also, yesterday, I woke up at 9:30, then after breakfast took a nap until 1:30 or so. XP And I had a cool dream. I was typing it up in my lj (spent almost an hour typing it up), and when I tried to add the entry, I got this Read-only Mode page. ARRRRGH!!! >.< LJ lost my whooole entry!!! *stabstab* And now I don’t feel like retyping it. ¬.¬ Stupid LJ. Maybe I’ll retype it here. :) Later, though.

And the Cal Poly catalog is still staring me in the face. ;_;

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