you say it hurts, it hurts me too

I figured I should say something, since my last entry was made on Sunday … well, technically late Saturday night. Laaate Saturday night. :x

So Sunday came here (still at Noelle’s house, ’cause they’re going … somewhere, I forget where, tomorrow, and Auntie said she’d drop me off so Mommy doesn’t have to drive up here ^^;). Auntie said she wasn’t really planning to do anything, maybe work in the garden, but since it was so warm she wasn’t sure. Then I asked if we could go to the outlet mall to look for boots. So I made everyone (Mommy, Auntie, Noelle, SM00) go to the outlet mall. XD I didn’t find boots there. ;.; I liked this one pair at Easy Spirit (over $100 x.x), except size 6m was too tight and 6.5m was too long. (Dang people who don’t make 6w boots. ¬.¬) But everyone bought something, so it wasn’t a total waste. Auntie bought a shirt for W88 for his birthday, SM00 bought a pink stud bracelet, Noelle bought a hat, I bought a pair of pants, and Mommy bought a candle holder from Mikasa. No one spent over $20. XD

Monday we got our geology midterms back and I found I got an A. XD w00t! There were 120 questions and I missed 15. Practically all of them were the rock/fossil/mineral identification. -.-;; Then on Tuesday we got back the quiz in art history and I got an A on that too. :D (But I still have to work on that “extra credit” project to get an A. x_x Must remember to complete that …) Wednesday was a nice short day, second midterm in GEAH. Today got the midterms back in GEAH. Got an A. Woohoo! Barely. One more wrong answer and I would have gotten a B. ;_;

Oh yeah. Also on Tuesday I went in to see my counselor about changing my major from graphic design to graphic communications. I guess I’m planning to go to Cal Poly. ^.^;; *still not sure about living with Auntie J and Uncle G* The two main things I learned: Cal Poly is the best graphics school in Cal State. Yup yup. ^_^ So it’s an impacted school. Meaning more people apply than get in. *falls over* To have an edge over other applicants, I need to take all these “support classes.” I can’t believe I’m gonna try to cram Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calc, Statistics, two Chem classes (AHHHH!!!!! *cries*), English 1B, Speech, American History, and other not so serious classes into the next three semesters. Can I just die now? *dies*

The second-best graphics university is Long Beach. Noooo, not Long Beach! o_o Nothing against that area, just don’t know anyone living there (other than my cousin and her husband :b), and it’s a semi-hellish two hour drive to LA. My counselor said I should apply to another school, just in case. o_< Maybe I’ll make my major fashion/costume design and go to CSUCI. But that would take longer … *shrugs*

Ooh, ooh. Geology on Wednesday was just review of the lab so I started drawing an egl girl. ^_^;;; She no look cute. ;_; *needs to work on drawing more* Then I played Animal Crossing for a couple hours, and before I finished I made my person an egl-esque pattern for her clothes. XD Very simplified, but still very cute and kinda gothic. ^_^ Also sometime during the week I saved three scans from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9 and 10 to make layouts with. Then I made an LJ icon using a punkish model from GLB. ^.^

I’m also thinking about bidding on this. [Removed link to ebay.] I know it’s not very egl, but like I said before, I don’t wanna wear egl. I just like staring at it. :b I was trying to talk to Mommy on aim last night about it (she used one of Hidek’s old names), but she stopped talking to me after I said I don’t know why I want it, then she signed off. ;.; My mommy signed off on meeee!!! Wahhh!!!! Well, there might have been another power outage at home, I dunno. ^^;; ‘Cause Hidek signed off about 5 minutes later and never came on again. *shrugs* Oh well. Who knows. Maybe God is saying I shouldn’t get into ega and shtuff. Maybe he’s saying I shouldn’t get into buying clothes at all. Another hint: I don’t like bidding on things that other people have bidded on. ^_^;;; I kinda feel like I’m snatching an item out of their hand on a Saturday sale discount, or something … like in Lizzie McGuire. Ehehe. I dunno.

But I feel like sewing my own clothes again. I forget when I first wanted to do that … but the second (or third) time was when I saw all the clothes Bachan owned that she sewed herself. Mommy has one of those dresses. ^^ She has to lose weight to wear it *koffkoff* but she has it nonetheless. The only problem (or the biggest problem, anyway) is fabric. I don’t know fabric! Bachan was my last link! Well, maybe Auntie G could tell me … Plus, it’s very expensive. x_X And patterns … and sewing … the sewing machine scares me … kinda … sorta … besides, Mommy’s is buried under all her ju- all her stuff in her study. And I’m not so sure that I’m that into sewing … and I don’t have time for sewing now anyway. *thinks of those classes and dies* I dunno …

Anyway. Right now I’m going through all my old GM entries and seeing which ones I copied from/into Diaryland, and deleting those. I’ve gone through fifteen, and I have three not deleted. ^_^;;; It’ll get easier after a while, though … *checks* maybe 100 entries in. x.x After that, I have to find that topic where they say how to renumber everything and reupload and junk and not break GM … then I have to renumber everything and reupload and junk. o_O Doesn’t it sound like so much fun? I don’t know why I’m doing it … oh yeah, don’t like rebuilding so many files …

choosing college; lj lost dream

Yesterday, Mommy gave me the Cal Poly catalog that Auntie J got for me. And on Saturday Uncle G asked me, “So you’re thinking of going to Cal Poly?” (Me: “… I don’t know.”) T-T

And and … under the list of academic programs, there’s “Graphic Communications, BS” as opposed to “Graphic Design, a specialization under [Art].” ;_; But I’m a baby, I can’t live away from home. ^^;;; Even though I’d be living with Auntie J and Uncle G. It’s still 5 hours from home (by train). Ugh. x_x

I suppose I want to be a part of both CSUCI and Cal Poly equally. (CSUCI = former state hospital XP). But I don’t want to major in Graphic Design. But I don’t want to live so far from home either. :( And I’m running out of time to decide … >>—x_x->

Also, yesterday, I woke up at 9:30, then after breakfast took a nap until 1:30 or so. XP And I had a cool dream. I was typing it up in my lj (spent almost an hour typing it up), and when I tried to add the entry, I got this Read-only Mode page. ARRRRGH!!! >.< LJ lost my whooole entry!!! *stabstab* And now I don’t feel like retyping it. ¬.¬ Stupid LJ. Maybe I’ll retype it here. :) Later, though.

And the Cal Poly catalog is still staring me in the face. ;_;