I try to wash the pain away from me

\^.^/ Yay! Halloween layout! My first one, technically. Since my Padmé layout two years ago never out and out said it was for Halloween. :) *dances* Yaaay! The image is a scan from Gothic & Lolita Bible volume 10. I want the GLBs so bad. ;.; Not for the patterns, just for the piccies inside. ^^’

I know, this layout is only good for about 5 days, but still … isn’t she so cute? ^^. Ish sho cuuute.

Oooh … on Sunday I had a dream about Mana. o.o He was wearing that one outfit, the all white one with the blue hair and shtuff … yeah. *cough* And I was with a friend in a store trying on Mary Jane-ish platform shoes when I saw him. ^.^;;; *cough cough* Obsessed? Whoever thinks that now? :b

Oh oh oh, in one of the GLBs, there’s this girl with shoes that are soooo tall. o.o;; It’s kinda scary. x_X

Don’t worry. After Halloween, I’ll try to get another EGL layout up. :P

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