Friday Five—dreams

1. What did you dream about last night?
Usually I post it in my dreamlog.

2. Do you record your dreams in your blog or a journal?
Already answered. :3 Yes, I’ve been writing down dreams since the mid 90s; I thought I had a few really interesting dreams and considered turning them into stories. That never happened though. Mid to late 90s I physically wrote them down in a notebook, then I transferred over to an online log in 2002 or so.

3. Do you think dreams are messages our bodies are trying to tell us? If so, are you real big on trying to interpret all the details?
I believe some dreams can be messages, but I don’t interpret every single dream I have, much less every little thing that happens in a dream. I don’t think dreams are literal, or strictly symbolic. Mostly I pay attention to the feelings in dreams, and any patterns that come up over time.

4. Do you remember your first nightmare?
The earliest nightmare I can remember having is recorded in my dreamlog, but I don’t know if that was my first nightmare.

5. Have you ever had a recurring dream? If you did, what was it and what do you think it meant?
I don’t think I have recurring dreams in that the same exact thing happens. I’ll have dreams where I think, ‘This happened before’ or ‘I saw this before,’ but when I wake up I can’t remember the dream (or real life experience) that made me think that. I know I dream about malls a lot (hee), and airplanes crashing, but I’ve never dreamed the same exact dream.

dreams lengthening and shortening time

Wow. I was updating my private dreamlog (rule for myself: every new dream I have, I have to add at least two dreams to my log) and I found this dream with a reference to Harry Potter. o_o Now, for some reason, I was thinking that the dreams I had in 2001 were old. Yet, I keep thinking that it wasn’t that long ago that I read Harry Potter after Christmas. But, I guess, yeah, I read them in high school. About three and a half years ago. Hehe. I don’t know why, but I think that that’s such a long time ago. Number-wise. But when I think about back then, it doesn’t seem like such a long time ago.

Anyway! In the same dream, Magic cards and books about trains were mentioned. o_o That was a while ago! It just makes my brain do a backflip.

Pokemon TCG

I was looking through my dreamlog (I keep trying to make myself update it) and I found this: a boy walked in with Pokémon TCG. I think I traded a card with the boy. He said, “Aren’t you going to check? Don’t you care?” Then I said something about it just being paper, and what am I going to do with it? He offered $3,000 for all my cards, and I hesitated.

Haha. :b I wish I could have sold all my Poke cards for $3,000. I actually sold all my cards to Hidek for $30. ^^;; I dunno. I guess I don’t really want them. I guess the $3,000 just caught my eye. >b

i don’t think woah

Yeah! iat r back, w00t w00t! ^_^;; My domain registration expired on the 2nd and I couldn’t renew until the 6th. >_>

And all the stuff that I updated/changed on my pages over the weekend … uhh, I can’t remember whatall I worked on, so it’s not being uploaded. ^^;; So there really was no point of me updating, was there? Oh well. Mainly I just made a fanlisting collective and added more photos to Elsewhere. The reason why I made a fl collective is so I can just change ONE page when I have to say something about all my fanlistings. >_>

AND I got two books on Friday on Mary Leakey, for my anthropology report. Yay! One of the books is over 600 pages long. *dies* I haven’t started reading them yet. :b Of course.

Last night I started playing Ocarina of Time on the GCN. ‘Cause I haven’t, yet. ^^;; No, I guess I’m not much of a gamer anymore … not that I ever really was either … *shakes her fist at her brothers who hogged the consoles all the time* I dunno how many games I’ve played, but the ONLY one I’ve ever finished is Kirby’s Dreamland. ^^; Yeah, when I beat it (a long long time ago … in a land far …), I was sooo happy! XP But I can’t beat the second game. >_> Stupid crystals won’t show up so I can find them.

Aaaaanyway. Yeah. Last night I played OoT. And I got stuck in the Deku Tree. >.>;;; I got the slingshot. Now I dunno what to do. ^^;;;;; I read the player’s guide, that thing sucks. I read a walkthrough, and that thing sucks. (Go left. Go right. Go up. Go down. >.<) I feel really stupid. ^^;;;;

Oh! I had a dream that I went with my brothers to a mall, and we went to this store that had DVDs and CDs and video games, and they were having a sale on their games, and they had Link to the Past for GBA and the Zelda bonus disc, which they had a high price on. And I magically had lots of money, but only enough for one game. ;.; So I walked up to the cashier with both games and my money, and he asked which one I wanted, and I said I didn’t know, so he rang me up, then asked which one I wanted, and I said I still wasn’t sure, so he opened up both games and popped them in and started playing to show me how each was. Then I woke up and I didn’t have EITHER game! *cries*

Speaking of a guy cashier at a video game store, I wonder how Kayura is, and her video game store guy … >.> I think I lost her e-mail. >_< Dang, I lose more friends that way. And she doesn’t get on aim anymore. *sigh*

Oh well. We can meet up again in Heaven. :) And now off I go to pull weeds with Mum in the front yard. XP

so I close my eyes

-.-;; Mum just told me to get off a couple minutes ago and go to bed, so I closed everything. Then she realized my brother wasn’t asleep, so she shouldn’t make me go to sleep either. o.O Oh well. I’m gonna get off after this anyway. Chippies and sodie and Martinelli’s sparkling cider in the living room. :9 And I have Good Omens to read. I also have The Sandman book 10 to read … but *sniffs* I DON’T WANNA READ IT!!! NOOOO! It can’t be over!! ;.; Well, I think I’m gonna read it anyway. ^^;;

And, woah, I just remembered this dream … except … this is really weird … I can’t remember if it was my dream, or a dream in a novel, or someone’s dream online, or … just one of those weird deja vu things … it’s kinda really confusing me. o_o And now I’ve forgotten most of it. ^^;;; Oh well.

Oh yeah … I finished Endless Nights last night. Nooo! That just leaves two books left to read that have to do with The Sandman … unless I magically come up with a couple twenties, then I can buy The Sandman Companion. ^^;

Aaanyway … new layout. Yeah. The girl is a model in this Banana Republic ad. ^_^; I just really liked that photo … And, I’m kinda wondering, what’s with this pink scrollbar out in the middle of all this grey-blue? It’s kind of … an eyesore … no?

Oh yeah! Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon/evening working on MFF. ^_^;; I think a good chunk of my time “updating” that site is spent sorting out all my floppy disks … so I think I’m gonna put all my stuff on the old compi. That’ll take a while. And … since that compi takes so long to start (about a couple minutes, I think?), I may be updating even less … but then again, I wouldn’t have to mess with the disks. So … yeah.

I haven’t updated here for over a week. How weird. When was the last time I did that? I was trying not to do that anymore. But, here’s the really weird part, I haven’t really said anything in my lj either. And I haven’t written in my diary, log, or noteook. So … weird. I don’t really feel like I haven’t been writing entries lately. Oh well.

Um … what else to say …

Okay! Today! Today Mum woke me up at 6:00 and I actually got up and got ready and everything. Everyone was ready and rolling at 6:40. ^^;; We were supposed to leave at 6:30. But oh well. We were ten minutes early anyway. N had to take a test at UTI. After that we went to IHOP and I had crépe-style pancakes. Yum.

Then we went to the Ontario Mills Mall. There’s a Vans skatepark there. o_o Sooo cool. Umm … went in quite a few stores. At the Virgin Megastore I got The Sandman book 10 (for $12 o.o!), Foo Fighter’s Single Have It All (Darling Nikki! XD), and Millenium Actress. I’m wondering, if I brought it tomorrow, would we watch it? I don’t know. I also got two blouses (pink! :b) at Forever 21 that Mum paid for. Oh yeah. I finished Shadow Puppets on the way there. It’s good, kinda. Not great. Now I get to read through the whole series again. >b

After we got home Mum agreed to take me to Circuit City to look at stuff. I bought earphones ’cause N said they were good, and some part of the plastic on my current ones are coming off. No one sells Aiwa anymore. T-T I think that sucks. Oh well. Mum said I could buy from It’s gonna be over $160. For a portable CD player (with AM/FM tuner :b) and stereo. Yeah. And after today I owe M and D $80. x_x I don’t want to use the money in my bank account anymore. So I’m not spending for a loooong time now. :(