all I want from you is your … hurting

WOOHOO!! XD I finished renumbering all my entries and junk. *dizzy* I deleted a total of 95 entries, and ended up with 231 entries left over. This would be the 232nd, I guess. Yeah. Next project: manually making a calendar-based archive page. Why? Because I want to. ^^;; I just feel like it … “Be like the boy! Be like the boy!” Old guys in the back: “We like Roy! We like Roy!” XP

Actually, an ongoing “project” I’m working on right now is cleaning out my documents folder. Augh. A couple days ago it was 1 gig. Now it’s 996 megs for some reason. ^_^; I don’t remember deleting anything. I remember saving a lot of things though. >.> I also have to look through my DeadAIM logs and delete unwanted convos. @.@ I think that folder is over 200 megs … egh.

Oh well. I have lots of projects lined up. ^_^;;; Just to name a few … clean out my closet, clean out my desk possibly, redo Elsewhere, and work on adding lyrics and lyric credits to Lyrically Longing.

Anyway … this week was mainly filled with three Es … Evanescence, EGL, and ebay. ^^;;

On Tuesday I found sites that had Evanescence songs that aren’t on their Fallen album. I.E., songs from their Origin album and EPs, and demos. XDDD Two hours and almost 50 minutes of Evanescence goodness. So I’ve been like in a euphoria listening to Amy Lee’s voice. XD

On a lot of these songs, her voice gets used more on singing. Not that her screaming is bad. :b I like that too. XP Like the song playing right now, Give Unto Me. It’s mainly her voice and piano. w00t! :D And Lies is a good rock song, too. ^-^ Soo good. ^__^ (And the downloading is very legal, since the members of Evanescence don’t want their fans to pay $100 for copies on ebay. :))

EGL: I saved more piccies from GLB last night. :D New layout, coming up (I hope o.o). And I think I’m definitely putting GLB on my Christmas list. (Mommy wants it early this year, so she can finish Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. ^^’) I think on one site one GLB volume is $18.99. >_> But it’s the one most linked to, so I’ll go with that.

Ebay: ^^;;; I keep looking up variations of “elegant gothic lolita” to see what they have. And I already bought a dress. ^_^; But it’s not very lolita-ish. Just … well, not gothic, considering the dress underneath is pink … (I’m thinking of dying it black or summing … *shrugs*), but … yeah, not ruffle-y. ^_^; And I’m gonna ask Mommy if I can bid on another dress tomorrow. >.> The auction item closes on Saturday. And I waaant. Why? I dunno. It’s black. So I can wear it with my boots! XD

Oh yeah. o_O Did I not mention my boots here? I got mah boots! :D They’re not tall, though, just … umm … well, above ankle-height, but … maybe mid-calf? *shrugs* Anyway. I got them from Sears for $41.65 (something like that) including tax. :D:D:D So I have $20 left over now! ^-^ Of course, I’m trying to save up for Christmas … and I have to pay for this domain again in December … eek.

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