Descanso Gardens

Hahaha okay it’s Tuesday and this entry is about Saturday. Oh well. I got rid of my blog for the time being because I got tired of it, so now I have … livejournal, greatestjournal, allaboutmylife, and this [Diaryland] to use. ^_^ (Wroundhouse as well, if I want, but I don’t think I want. >.>) So I think I’ll use this more.

Saturday the matrilineal ladies went for a day out. ^___^ First we went to some restaurant, I don’t know the name. I had “The Weekend Wrap.” It was goood. But I think I’ll go back to the quesadilla [sp?] they have there. ^^;; Nothing beats avocado, man. XP

Then we went to Descanso Gardens and went through the rose gardens and through the red wood area then … yeah I won’t give a tour thing. O_o But this time we went to the Boddy House and looked at paintings (which I thought were okay, although I liked the b&w&blue snow painting) and this one room which gave the history of Boddy (gah, forgot his first name) and the beginnings of Descanso gardens. The c_(flower which I forgot the name of which we have on the side-camellia?) plants came from a man name F. M. Uyematsu. XD He sold them when he had to go to camp. Sad. But he had a good stock. :)

The refreshments ladies in the Japanese garden weren’t there (closed December and January; “Oh, we’re one day too early.”) so we went to the front/side and got soft drinks/Snapples/water there. SM00 and Noelle got brownies. :9

Then there was a camellia (???) show in that hall so we looked at that then we looked through the gift store then we went back to Auntie G’s house and had lemon thingie (my brain died), sushi, and ocha/coffee. I also had a piece of fudge. XD Fuuuudge! Then everyone went home. Oh yeah. Aunties found food in Jichan’s freezer that was dated some time in 1990. XO Yegh. The latest was last year. Forgot which month. :b

I got my wallscroll though! Yay! I put it up in place of my Ed wallscroll. Then put my Ed scroll on the door and moved the Sakura Shinguuji scroll behind the door. I need to get better string to hang up my Lain scroll. :( Looks very very very bad.

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