when the end is all around

Wooo! I r back, baybee! XD And someone over at Endore sucks ’cause they went out of business in the worst way possible. -.-

But anyway. I dunno how much I’ll be using this. ^^;;; And I’m too lazy at the moment to make a new layout. Or fix the tagboard page. Which I’ll be linking at the bottom of the page soon. And uhh … I’m also too lazy to do something else … but I can’t seem to remember what. o_O Well, whatever needs to be changed/fixed/uploaded, I’m too lazy to do it. :P

Let’s see, what I did today … I drove Hidek to Toys R Us, then we went to Rite Aid ’cause I wanted an ice cream bar but they took out that aisle and it confused me, and I bought a York Peppermint Patty which I haven’t eaten yet and a puffscrubball for baths, whatever those things are called, and Tadash came over, and [boring school stuff].

I spent the rest of the day (and some of last night) uploading my fanlistings and the other stuff I hadn’t uploaded. I also figured out how to get the formmail script to work. It’s a lot easier when Notepad isn’t being cruel and inserting those rectangle shapes instead of line breaks. Believe me, it’s really really really frightening.

Gehehe, Wulfie just crawled out from under Hidek’s covers. XD (And yeah, I’m in Hidek’s room, ’cause I was using the wav editor on the compi. And am now using the much-nicer-than-mine speakers to listen to Evanescence. :b) Now I think Dusty is under the bed; Wulfie seems awfully interested in the area between the wall and the bed.

But anyway. Because I think it’s weird and cool and I worked on it quite a bit, listen to this [mp3 removed] and agree with me that lots of artists lately are biting off a very cool Japanese artist. :b And I’ll leave that up for only a day or two because mp3s on my space make me nervous. >_> But it’s not even one whole minute of any song, just 10-30 seconds of four songs with veeeery similar beginnings. Although, having listened to it over and over tonight, I’ll agree that they do “differ” a bit and no one’s biting off Lily Chou-Chou. Just great minds thinking alike, or some such thing …

4 thoughts on “when the end is all around

  1. Noo, we dun get to keep our files. <.< I lost a couple months and some days worth of entries. I didn’t write much in that time though, so I dunno that I really care. ^^;; Sorry about your stuff, though.

    Thanks, Lisa. :D

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