no business like show business

“Parker Preps Prod for Pitt Prem”

I know I saw this episode of I Love Lucy recently. Mum asked me if the guy who was Lucy’s dance partner also played Ricky’s manager in another episode. (“My 10% goes on!”) I guess that was two weeks ago. It played today again. Is that the problem of having I Love Lucy on two channels? I can’t really consider it a problem though …

The problem I have is watching I Love Lucy only during the summer months, when all the vacation episodes are played over and over again. (“Didn’t they just come back from Europe? Why’re they going again?”) Argh. Play the normal episodes!!

But anyway. Just wanted to save that headline up there. XD; It’s the first time I’ve caught the whole thing.

Also, Lucy’s skirt. I noticed it for some reason. I like the cut of it. Normally I don’t like stripes, especially when they’re emphasized that much. But I guess now I’m so intrigued by clothes with atypical cuts that I ignore the stripes.

I don’t know any fashion or clothing construction terminology, so I couldn’t even begin to explain the skirt. Sorry for those vision impaired visitors. (Drew the image in Paint Shop Pro 6, with a touchpad, so there isn’t much to miss there.)

shopping, the end of eras

Mum and I went the mall. Payless Shoes, Forever 21, Borders Express, and Hallmark. Forever 21: Mum’s comment sums it up for me. “It reminds me of the 70s.” Not that that’s a bad thing at all, I’m just not a 70s-style sort of person. Yes, I like the clothes, I think they look nice, different, not blah, but will I wear them? Heck no. Now I’m all sad. Anchor Blue closed at Westside Pavilion, and Forever 21 is going in a style direction that I don’t care to follow. Where am I supposed to find clothes???

At Borders Express I saw Nana volume 5 (in plastic wrap o.o!!) but I didn’t have a coupon and I’d already spent $20 on a watch and didn’t want to spend money that is coming dearly at the moment, so I skipped it.

Hallmark still has the giant Snoopy plush. XD I want! It’s $20 even, and ish big and not wearing any accessories (except a collar) or hugging Woodstock, so it looks like an extremely huggable Snoopy, like my Mr. Snoops. Snoops makes me sad, he’s all squished out flat and not very stuff-y and dirty, his fur’s not soft and new. But again, I didn’t want to spend money.

So what do I do today? I went with Mum and Mickey to CompUSA’s clearance sale and spent $56. (How can they be closing?? Noooo, Best Buy and Circuit City suck in the computer department!! CompUSA was my saving grace! And Fry’s drives me up the wall, it seems so dirty or unkempt or something.) I bought a mousepad with a frog on it ($7), a Tetris game for Windows/Mac ($15), DVD-Rs ($15), and an 80 pack of slim jewel cases ($17). Yes I am insane what the heck am I going to do with 80 of them I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use even 10 of them in my entire life so far.

I’d even told myself to not buy anything with my credit card this month, because the past few months I’ve had $50+ bills every single time. So somehow my debit card is exempt from my spending ban? Grrr. I guess I’ll just have to work extra long hours this summer. (Since my cousin says the guy is swamped with work, I guess I definitely have a job with him again. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* I haven’t even really bought clothes in a year! Where’d all my money go? *cough Borders and its ebil membership cough*

Mickey wanted a mouse and numeric keypad for the laptop he’s buying in a little while, but ended up buying a controller for the racing game he’s getting, since CompUSA didn’t have what he liked. XD Mum bought a mouse for the old computer (so Mickey doesn’t have to buy a mouse anymore; he’ll just take the one from his current computer) and a 100 gig external harddrive. :O I’m a spoiled brat. I was looking at them because lately I’ve wanted to backup my laptop AND my desktop, and if my desktop serves as my laptop’s backup, where is my desktop’s backup? Plus, it’s really annoying being on my laptop and having certain files I want that are on my desktop. I hate to fire up the desktop just to get a few files. So now files will be central on the external harddrive and I can move stuff off my laptop!

Natalie Portman and heels

I’d always wondered why Natalie Portman wore heels. It would seem like a person like Natalie Portman, who is empowered and seeks knowledge and … I don’t know what else, would be against something so opressing and … not exactly demeaning … as heels.

I’m not totally against heels. I’d wear 2-inch heels if I ever found shoes I liked that were comfortable, and wouldn’t cause me to hurt my back or tendons or anything (if worn for a long time). But I won’t go higher than that. It seems stupid to me. Ruin parts of my body, just to look “better” by other people’s standards?

Take Sarah Jessica Parker. She hurt her ankle somewhat recently because she wears heels all the time, causing her tendons to weaken, so when she was running (in heels) there was just no strength to keep the pace. Seriously? She’ll give up the ability to run just for a few inches? I like to think that I can run, if I ever need to. (Living in L.A. … maybe I’d need to run from a gang shooting. Or a crazed driver. You never know.)

But then I read this article, where she says she feels like starting a revolution against heels. Yay! I’m not totally wrong about her! (Then one wonders how much say certain celebrities have in presenting themselves to everyone.)

(I say heels are oppressive and somewhat demeaning, only because my Ethnic Studies professor likened Western style of beauty to the burqa worn in the Middle East. She meant how women feel they need to dress in specific ways. But I think American women have more of a choice in the matter. We don’t have a group of people with guns ordering us to dress a certain way. Although I kind of agree with what she said, mainly because whenever I look in shoe stores I can’t find many nice non-killer heeled or even unheeled shoes.)

not sweaty shoes

Links I want to save for myself. BlackSpot Shoes No Sweat apparel

[edit@8:40pm] (It’s pi day! …I found that out on an LJ community. I don’t know why I never saw that before.)

I wonder if I annoy people with my Save the Environment!! and non-American(/UK/Australia/etc.) human rights!! I wonder mostly because I’m not vegan/vegetarian and not anti-leather. (I do feel guilty when I buy leather though. >.>) I understand why people are, it’s because of cruelty to animals (erm … that’s one of the two main reasons I hear), and I agree with it … but one person not buying meat products won’t make much of a difference. (I know all the arguments against my silly one, but I still think that way about meat.) The other reason, that animals just shouldn’t be killed period, I don’t agree with, but that’s just my beliefs (that everyone and everything is here for a reason, and some animals are here to provide sustenance, and that they agreed to it … yes I do sound insane), and if people feel differently then that’s fine with me.

But … I’m really writing rather poorly at the moment. Um. So I was just wondering. Because some people are more … I don’t know the word. They care about more things? And when they talk about it, I feel a bit put out, like Okay it’s fine for you but I feel differently. So. I was wondering if I annoyed people when I talk about stuff I care about. >_>

(The reason I’m not anti-leather is because I figure cows are killed for their meat, and we might as well not waste the rest of the body … right? Calfskin is another thing entirely though.)

Yesterday I found out that Converse was bought out by Nike. :o There go my plans for possibly buying a pair in the future. (For even though there is no proof that Nike uses slave labor for Converse shoes … I just won’t buy from Nike. And I wonder if there’s hypocrisy in that, because I still buy from Forever 21, and it’s been proven they used slave labor for some of their products…:x)

I found that out in an LJ community. haha. (…It was in reply to Neil Gaiman’s blog entry. ehehe) Then other people commented with the above links, and now I feel like buying from either or both companies, even though … I never really was into the look of those shoes. ^^;; (I mean, recently. I think I liked them as a child.) But it would mean spending money I don’t really have, on something I don’t really need nor want.

… Wow this entry is horrible.

[another nifty link Responsible Shopper I’m a dork for thinking it’s neat, aren’t I? XD;;]

punk clothes

I was reading Nana (volume 1) last night (or this morning, whatever) and when I got to Nana Oosaki’s story, with the image of her onstage in a punk outfit, I had this instant thought, ‘I love punk.’

Lately I’ve been not thinking of punk when I think of clothes to wear/buy (or even design). I guess I’ve been too influenced by all the snarky fashion commentary on tv, like on VH1 or the Style channel. It makes me think in a rather conservative, clean, picture-perfect mindset. But … I don’t need to dress that way yet. I’m still a student! I can express myself with punk-leaning outfits!

It’s not even the rebellion against “fashion” and high-priced brand names that get passed off as style that I like in punk. I just like how almost anything goes. It’s kind of like FRUiTS, but without the bright flashy 80s-style colors. :P