vacation, all I ever wanted

I had to turn off the commenting for non-registered peoples ’cause that casino spam bot thing found this site and has been posting ads all over my entries … grrrs. Sorry.

Hm … technically the end of my first week of vacation … hehe. What have I done … lots of computer stuff of course, cleaned my room closet and desk (yay, more space!), went to the dentist (he was an extra in Memoirs of a Geisha!), bought a Blender magazine with Gwen Stefani on the cover … I guess that’s pretty much it.

I haven’t seen Closer yet. :( I thought we were going Thursday but then when I said, “So we’re going to Century City after my dentist’s appointment?” Mommy had no idea what I was talking about. She would have been willing to go except Hidek said he had to go to Mitsuwa to buy sushi for a party he had in one class or another on Friday. So … meh. We’re gonna go Monday.

My new CD player for my car finally came in! XD We’re gonna go get it Monday. I just hope they can give me my CD back. *nervous*

I set up this fake account in Quicken so I could figure out what kind of stuff I buy … I’m not really done yet, I have to figure in my checking account … and I know I’m missing many receipts … but in the past 4 years and a half (because yes I am a freak and saved most all my receipts in that time), I’ve spent the most on … well that would be education (over $1000), but ignoring that one … the most I’ve spent on is … anime and anime merchandise!!! Is that such a big surprise? :b Over six hundred freaking dollars! But keep in mind that DVDs and artbooks cost mucho bucks. Also, I probably bought a lot of music online that I don’t have a recording for, so it wasn’t counted in … I spent about $300 each on CDs, manga, and books. I don’t remember the number for comics, but it’s probably lower than it should be as well, since I don’t have recordings for about half the Sandman comics I bought (five of them, each being about $20). I think I spent $100 on clothes, but that is veeery skewed since Mum and Daddy pay for my clothes. hehe. ^^

Anyway … that was probably boring to everyone else but me. Oh well. *grin*

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