lazy blalala … stupid speech

I want a new layout for this place. I kind of have an idea for a new one, but that would require a lot of work, i.e. me finding some code that’ll display a random image, and only to end up with a short-lived layout, since it’d be plain, I’d be taking down the layout maybe two weeks after it goes up, ahaha.

I also need to install WordPress and see if I can convert all my old blog entries to WP entries. Uhm.

I’m too lazy to do all that. I’m going to blame it all on speech class. Hate that class. -.- Not really the going up in front of everyone and talking part, that’s just a few minutes of stupidity and humiliation (and no one cares about me anyway, so haha). No, I hate writing the speech even more. Ahhhhahaha … yeah anyway. I also don’t like having to memorize what I wrote and remember it all in front of the class. Meh. Two things I never do in a class if I can help it: writing, and memorizing. In the same class! Gahhh!! *stabstab*

I will always complain about writing. You can bet on it. >b


And … although I disabled commenting on this entry, I still get commentspam. I wonder what’s riding on this program, or what code entrenched itself in … or whatever sh— stuff those rats came up with to get their money. euwwwww, I feel unclean.

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