webcast Roasted

I watched most of the Weenie Roast webcast today. Erm. Well not watched, exactly, but listened. I watched most parts of The Killers onstage though. They played a new song! I really really like it! XD I think they said (not at Weenie Roast) that they’re going to start recording their new album, and it’ll probably come out this time next year … pooh. Long time. Not as long as Evanescence though. >.> I think theirs is coming out November or so. That’s info that some Italian (…?) company received.

I think I like listening to KROQ more lately because of all the “retro” bands or, as Hidek says, bands copying The Strokes. *shrug* I mean, I guess it’s true. It’s a money-maker, so record companies are signing more of them … more goody for me then. ^^

Oh yeah. I’ve changed my mind. I like Hot Hot Heat. Their first single, Bandages, was repetitive … but their other songs aren’t as much. I think. And it’s fun peppy music. So I add it to my list, muahaha. Dood, so many bands were wearing black! Some looked like they were dying … or wouldn’t have minded a jump in a pool of ice. hah.

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