use the spork, Luke

I live in a family of dorks, muahahaha.

Last week I went with Mum to the market and I bought a box of Honey Smacks. I didn’t notice when I grabbed it that they were giving something away inside (although Mace Windu posing on the box should have been a big clue), but they were. A “light-up saberSPOON.”

Next morning Mum told me about the spoony goodness. She said when Daddy saw the box he opened it up, took out the spoon and assembled it together. Then she said she wanted to show it to me, but she couldn’t find it, so maybe Daddy took it with him. I said, “Did Daddy take it to school to show his frieeends?”

So when he came home I asked him if he took it to work and he said yeah. I said, “Did you show it to everyone?” “Not everyone, but I showed some people.”

My dad is over 50. He works on computers. And he shows up to work with a “saberspoon” that lights up. *grin*

Then Mum made a comment about how it should have been a fork, not a spoon (Simpsons reference…), and that maybe we should cut it up to make it into a fork. But, my brother took that idea and … see for yourself. [He cut notches out of the end of the spoon, turning it into a spork.]

I love my family.

(Also, false advertising!! It doesn’t light up all the way!)

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