rise in the morning, sleep in the dark

I think I’m giving up mentally. But that could just be today.

This morning I woke up at 6:45 so I could sign up for next quarter’s classes (yes I have a really late registration date *kills rhyme*). I had enough time to walk around my room to wake myself up (and prove to myself I wasn’t going to fall over) and pull on a sweatshirt and take out my retainers and make a cup of ocha. Woo, 15 minutes go by fast when you’re not awake!

After that it was fun. Somehow it zoomed from 7 to 7:30 (giving Livejournal layout help in that time wasn’t a good idea, I suppose) and I had just enough time to make eggohan and get my stuff (including undrunken ocha) and get to my car, where I spilled a little of my ocha and had to run back up to get a rag to wipe off the back window so I could see.

Then when I got back here, I tried to take a nap, or at least rest my eyes for a few minutes, but I couldn’t settle down, I kept getting up. Having a cup of ocha then half a Dr. Pepper at lunch was probably the cause. Even now I’m still moving. O_o Or that may just be some weird … sleep-deprived, half-awake thing…? I don’t know.

Then from 5-ish to 5:35 I put up my new layout and tried fixing things (still don’t know how to make the date show up for every entry). Then ate dinner for 10 minutes before I left for lecture.

Came back, watched Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Odd, but I’m thinking of the VM episode more than I am of the GG one. (I just started watching VM this season; it’s right after Gilmore Girls, and I don’t feel like going to bed or getting on the computer. This is pretty much the one night of television that I have. Other than random Mythbusters viewings on Wednesdays, but I usually don’t because Tuesdays and Thursdays are my heaviest days.)

So. Layout. Um. It’s Natalie Portman. I was just looking through the galleries at NP.com and thought these were layout-able images. I had a lyric or something to go with it, but I couldn’t remember it, so no text other than flimsysilence-dot-net. I think I randomly picked the colors from the colors that were saved in my Photoshop from whatever project I’d worked on last. *laughs* I do that a lot.

woozy, so woozy

Well the little dog in the apartment upstairs is yapping his little head off and has been for quite a while now, so I might as well write here.

Umm, Tuesday wasn’t that interesting. Actually this whole week wasn’t really that interesting. Tuesday I took a quiz and spent an hour and fifteen minutes looking busy in art while I listened to classmates talk, since the project can be done on Illustrator and not everyone can bring their computers to class.

Wednesday I went to class then spent the rest of the day working on said art project. Or, well, I guess I kinda interspersed it with reading LJs and blogs and such, and also working on the new layout for the blog. *wry grin*

That dog sounds like it’s in a hamstertrail thing all over the apartment or something. I can hear its footsteps padding all over the floor/ceiling. x.x Annoying. I wish I could bang on the ceiling. But there’s some faux finish on it, and it’s already scraped off in the living room so I don’t want to chance damaging it here. Plus the ceiling’s too high, and I’m too short, even with a stepladder. XD

Umm lessee today is still Thursday. Well no technically it’s Friday. I have to remember that. I keep thinking it’s Friday (night) and that tomorrow (day) is Saturday.

I finished Carrie. I don’t remember what I thought. Er, I mean about what I read today. Earlier thoughts I’ve had (don’t remember typing them up here, correct me if I’m repeating myself): It’s an interesting format. The normal third person narrative interspersed with “articles” and characters’ accounts. It’s not so one-sided, I guess. Or maybe, with third person, unbiased-toward-any-character-at-all. (Unless of course there’s really cool characters that you just gotta love. *thinking of Ender and Bean*) I don’t know, it’s past 1am and I’m just kinda woo. People shouldn’t let me stay up this late. Yeah, where are you, people?! I’m saying weird totally unbased (is that a word?) stuff here.

It’s also interesting how the movie makes it all more horror movie-ish. Shock. Snap. That person’s dead. The book is more horrifying. That’s probably because you’ve got the narration there. Carrie thinks this, other people think that.

I started reading The Shining when I finished that. (Because it’s in the same book; it has four of Stephen King’s novels unabridged.) I read on Wikipedia that King didn’t like the movie. I haven’t seen the whole movie. But I pieced together the whole thing from parts I saw. And the Simpsons. *snerk* The Wikipedia entry didn’t hurt either.

I checked the school library catalog earlier this week and it said Cat’s Cradle is not checked out, but it wasn’t there this morning. grrr. There’s this option I have of asking the main desk to look through the whole library for it (like on desks and in cubicles) but that just seems like such a pain in the neck. I guess I’ll either wait for the library at home to get that book, or I’ll buy it and then donate it to the library. Or maybe just never finish it because ya know I do want to read the important books, but this book just isn’t The Count of Monte Cristo (i.e., really juicy and fun), and I’m just that lazy.

I wonder if the dog is yapping himself hoarse.

I finished Shadow of the Giant Tuesday night. Or was it Monday? Not quite sure. I can’t believe Card ended the book with Bean that way! XO I mean, sure maybe it’s interesting or whatever, but I don’t know, I just think it’s unresolved and lame. Oh well.

Now to go through the whole series (Ender and Shadow both) and write up little bios on all the characters, because fudge if I can remember all the little things, then it comes up from behind to re-enter the story and whaaa? I get confused. So I want to unconfuse myself. I’m debating whether to make a website out of it. It would be my first fansite/informational site. (The Ikyuusan one doesn’t count because uh I didn’t do anything with it. I don’t really count my guinea pig site either because there’s not much info there, just little random articles, and really bad writing on my part for the bios.) It might also be construed as copywrite infringement. :o Somehow. I don’t know. I don’t suppose so. I guess I’m just paranoid. Wow this is a huge paragraph. *cuts in half* … It’s still big.

There was a bug on my car this morning. I crawled in the passenger side because it wouldn’t get off the driver side. It looked like some sort of stinging wasp/hornet thing, so I didn’t want to make it angry. (I tried kicking it off with my foot, but he was pretty high up and I couldn’t hit him right, so he just lifted up his back leg to wave back at me. XD;;) The midsection, er the part connecting the thorax and the abdomen (I’m totally assuming that’s what they’re called; I haven’t had basic biology in a long time) was reeeeally thin, as thin as his legs, and I thought he was dying, but I don’t really know. (I actually said “WTF is that?” out loud. But not “duble-yoo tee eff is that” because that’s lame.) It didn’t have stripes like a bee or a wasp. I don’t know.

Enough of thinking about bugs. I guess the people upstairs decided 2 am was late and they wanted sleep, so they shut their dog up. Good night.


I’m too lazy to do anything. :( Or maybe it’s not that I’m lazy, but I didn’t get enough sleep and so far today I’ve only eaten a slice of bread, no protein.

But I’m too lazy to fix either problem.

Yesterday I went with my family to Noelle’s house and hung out with her family for the day. Hm. Hidek drove to Jamba Juice, and Tadash drove back. XD They’re both pretty good drivers.

Today I have to take a shower, eat lunch, finish my DTP project right before it’s due, copy over notes for Sheetfed, and I guess we’ll go to McDonald’s for dinner.

Blah blah blah, don’t wanna do anything.

edit at 1:25pm: lazy lazy. I didn’t move from this spot since I wrote the entry. Or at least I don’t think so. I’m more hungry. I should probably take that shower. I’m never going to copy over the notes at the current time despite being two (three, after tomorrow) days behind.

You know someone’s lazy when they’re hungry and they won’t do anything about it.

I just wanna sit and do nothing, like I almost kinda sorta did over the weekend. No, I think my weekend was too filled with stuff for me to feel relaxed and ready to take on this week.

Maybe I’ll just lazy my way through this week and make up for it over the weekend. I don’t have Sheetfed lab, so that’s good. My art project due date is looming up in the distance though.

layout and comp tweaks

Is it really only 10:30? I feel so tired, like it’s almost 12. *blink*

Didn’t really do much since the last update. Drove home. Took four hours. Woo.

Today I went shopping with Mum and Hidek. Went to Target to get stuff. I got a nice soft red scarf. I’m happy. Went to Westside Pavilion so Hidek could buy a shirt at Pacsun and so I could buy Clinique stuff and get their free gift. Also bought Tadash’s present.

Um. Tonight I just spent tweaking my archives layout code. Not the one with all the entries listed, but the single post page. Tried to make it more accessible to everyone, but I don’t know how well I did. Had to add blank divs to make it look the same in IE as in Mozilla. mrrr.

Oh yeah, I found out how to add more RAM to my laptop (Dell Inspiron 2650) today! The second slot is underneath the keyboard. So I’ve got 512 MB installed, but only 384 of it is recognized by the computer. I can’t quite find a complete answer (through Yahoo) but I think it’s because of the video card which is allotted 128 MB of the RAM.

I’m fine with it though, since I just wanted more RAM for Norton AntiVirus. Tonight I ran a system scan and I didn’t notice any slowness in my computer speed! XD Well, I didn’t have anything open other than Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Filezilla. But my 2002 version would slow down everything even if I just had Firefox open with one tab. *shrug* [Nov 10 ETA: I upped the ram because earlier I’d had Firefox and Photoshop open, and tried to open MS Word but it froze.]

Umm … I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll just bow out now.

car, buying, site and comp stuff

Well I took my car in to the dealership (not the one I bought from) and it was just a faulty seal in the fuel line, something like that, that could have been leaking gasoline. Eep. Cost my parents $300. Mum’s going to try talking to CarMax to make them pay for it because they had to drop the fuel tank over the summer to fix the fuel gauge, and they probably didn’t fix it all up completely which caused this recent problem. Don’t know if they’ll pay though. Hope they do. Got an oil change too, so I also hope there’s no sludge buildup in the engine.

Saturday my brother and I went to Best Buy. He bought Shaun of the Dead, and I bought Pink’s I’m Not Dead album and Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire special edition DVD. I was going to buy Absolute Sandman (Borders and Best Buy are right next to each other) but I remembered I had a 25% off coupon in my e-mail. I bought it the next day, when we went grocery shopping.

Insert rant about Border’s membership suckiness on actually saving me any money. I liked Waldenbooks’ Preferred Reader system, even though it probably would have put them out of business. I don’t know if I spent enough to reach the minimum required to get my holiday savings. *twitch twitch* I wish it were a minimum of $5 savings instead of $10.

Umm … I realized while writing the entry that I bought a $100 book when I bought Absolute Sandman volume one, and that if I doubled that amount I could buy this limited edition of American Gods. (But I think I’ll just buy the Melinda story. Or ask for it for Christmas. *grin*)

Ehm … I haven’t really touched Absolute Sandman yet. I kind of feel like Martin, Bart, and Milhouse when they bought the first issue of Radioactive Man. Don’t touch it! The oils on your fingers will ruin the pages! I already feel that way about (non-mass market paperback) books and try to only touch the outside of pages, how much worse will I be with a $100 book?

Last night I finished the whole process of backing up files onto my desktop so I could install Norton AntiVirus 2007 on my laptop. I don’t want to type up everything again but basically: the install was really slow, I stayed up til almost 12 finishing, and after it installed I didn’t restart I just shut down, so when I started today everything loaded really really slowly. I’m thinking the slowness is because I only have 256 RAM. I wish Daddy could figure out how to add to my RAM. boo.

I guess I didn’t need to backup everything, but I’m glad I did ’cause I was meaning to ever since summer. The reason I was reluctant is that I don’t want to abandon my laptop, I love (in a totally non-materialistic manner) my laptop and don’t want to stop using it just because I got a newer shinier toy. But I think I’ll keep maintaining my site files on my laptop. Even though I prefer to design on my desktop. XD; Also most all my music is on my laptop. I think I’ve turned it into my non-portable, ancient “paper weight” mp3 player. haha. Mickey loaned me his not-so-good but-still-great-nonetheless speakers, so those are connected to my laptop and the cheap Dell speakers are left on my desktop for Starcraft. I’m happy.