chores; trip to Sunset Blvd; fonts

Let’s see … what did I do today … I got my glasses adjusted. Now they sit on top of my nose and don’t slide down! Yay! I had to do the laundry so that Mum would take me to the optometrist (since I still don’t know how to get there u.u;;) and help me clean my car (ick! it got black bird poop all over it on Sunday! ;.;). Then I read the first half of the econ chapter and wrote down the terms. ^^;; Then I got tired of reading so I rearranged my small bookshelf. Took down half my Star Wars novels; they’re sitting in a box in the middle of my room. I need to fit them in my closet somehow. But now I have space for more manga! XDDD

After dinner Hidek bugged Mum and Daddy to take him to Amoeba Music. So the whole family went. There was lots of pouting on Hidek’s part. ^.^; He wanted to bring his friends, but Mum said no, this time would be family only. So … we drove along Sunset Boulevard! XD (No, I, as a native Los Angelino, do not get around the city much.) In Hollywood. On a Saturday night. o.o Looots of traffic. Looots of abrupt braking, too. -.- I got carsick. So. Tonight I saw three different tattoo parlors and three different buildings with “Girls Girls Girls” on the front. :b Ooh, at Amoeba Music I saw this girl, and she was wearing this skirt, and it was … I automatically think, “ballerina skirt,” but it wasn’t really … it covered her thighs. I thought it was soooo cool. ^-^ In all its pouffy glory. XD

Then came home and put up lj layout.

I downloaded three fonts tonight. And deleted almost 20. (They were the cutesy round ones I got when I first got into downloading fonts.) I got … uhh … Misplaced, Lakestreet, and … I can’t remember the third. Cut n Paste. Yeah. I really really wanted to get Dark Theater, but it’s a broken link. -_- Arrgh. Ooh, also got Sacrifical. :D Niiice.