making up an entry about Coraline

I saw Coraline on Saturday, in 3D!! It was amazing! I definitely liked how nothing flew out at me (although there was a needle poking out at the beginning…)

Random comments…

Not sure about the boy character. Maybe he served as a person for Coraline to talk to in the movie.

The 3D aspect was tiring my eyes after a while. It didn’t help that either A) my ears are crooked or B) my eyes are crooked, so I couldn’t quite see the screen clearly without holding up one side of the 3D glasses. (Also, the 3D glasses took an instant dislike to my eyeglasses and kept trying to put distance between them.)

But I still think it was worth the $5 seeing the movie in 3D. :D Mum and I went to see it in the new, fancy, higher-priced theater which charges about $3 more, and then there was a $2 charge for use of the 3D glasses.

I really liked the 3D-ness of the movie. It was definitely subtle, but pulled you into the movie. But because my eyes are funky somehow, it hurt to look at anything too “close” to me. (The closer something is to the audience, the more blurry it is, and the more I have to cross my eyes to focus on it…it’s weird. I was also never any good at those Magic Eye 3D picture books, either.)

Going into the theater I saw these preschool-aged kids, and I sort of worried for them. But I shouldn’t have. Kids these days are so jaded, nothing can faze them. Either that or they were just covering their eyes during the movie, which I couldn’t see.

Dude! That movie was so creepy! I was seriously feeling anxious about Coraline and even myself! And I don’t normally get scared in movies unless it’s in my face—you know, people or things jumping out of the dark, some maniac running toward the viewers with a bloody hacksaw…

The Other Miss Forcible? (Or was it the Other Miss Spink?) Hi-larious. She got a lot of laughs in the theater.

The Other Mother’s real form … creepy. And they didn’t come up with it until near the end of production?! Totally worth it. I would hate to ever meet her face to face.

The Other Father and all the other people in the Other Mother’s world … oh my gosh, I felt for them, really I did.

I loved the movie. :D Even if it didn’t look the way I pictured it in my head (Dave McKean wins with me, hands down). It’s just a different take or interpretation of the story. Definitely buying when it comes out on DVD. Which reminds me, I still have to buy Stardust. O_o

blurred vision

I’ve figured out why it’s hard for me to look at my desktop monitor.

It’s a 20″ widescreen monitor, native 1680×1050, but the text is way too freakin’ small for me at that size. So I’ve got it down to 1440×900, a setting lower.

However, while text is at a good size for me, it is also slightly blurry. Not as bad as when I had it at 1280×768 though. (Because yes, I really am blind and do like my text big…)

The text isn’t as blurry as if I were using Microsoft’s Cleartype though, which I am very grateful for.

The only program this is bugging me in is Firefox/all other cool browsers that don’t have the initials I and E. All my Adobe design programs already antialias or blur the edges of my text, but then they aren’t rendered pixel by pixel, more along the lines of vectors…hahaha, horrible pun.

I could possibly make the screen smaller and pull the monitor closer to my face, but it’s at a comfortable distance at the moment. Maybe a couple inches too far, but not too bad. If I were to get too close, I’d get sick. I don’t know why. Whenever I sit too close to a monitor I get dizzy. Weak, yes!

Yet in computer labs in school I was always leaning as far back as I could possibly go, always sticking out in aisles and hyperextending my arm to reach the mouse and keyboard… Also had to take occasional breaks to rest my weary eyes and head.

I was considering keeping it at native resolution and just zooming in text for browsers, but I realized that the Windows interface text is all tiny and squishy and I probably can’t do anything about that other than using some LARGE PRINT theme that my Grandpa would have.

I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with slightly blurred text and slightly tired eyes at the end of the day.

chores; trip to Sunset Blvd; fonts

Let’s see … what did I do today … I got my glasses adjusted. Now they sit on top of my nose and don’t slide down! Yay! I had to do the laundry so that Mum would take me to the optometrist (since I still don’t know how to get there u.u;;) and help me clean my car (ick! it got black bird poop all over it on Sunday! ;.;). Then I read the first half of the econ chapter and wrote down the terms. ^^;; Then I got tired of reading so I rearranged my small bookshelf. Took down half my Star Wars novels; they’re sitting in a box in the middle of my room. I need to fit them in my closet somehow. But now I have space for more manga! XDDD

After dinner Hidek bugged Mum and Daddy to take him to Amoeba Music. So the whole family went. There was lots of pouting on Hidek’s part. ^.^; He wanted to bring his friends, but Mum said no, this time would be family only. So … we drove along Sunset Boulevard! XD (No, I, as a native Los Angelino, do not get around the city much.) In Hollywood. On a Saturday night. o.o Looots of traffic. Looots of abrupt braking, too. -.- I got carsick. So. Tonight I saw three different tattoo parlors and three different buildings with “Girls Girls Girls” on the front. :b Ooh, at Amoeba Music I saw this girl, and she was wearing this skirt, and it was … I automatically think, “ballerina skirt,” but it wasn’t really … it covered her thighs. I thought it was soooo cool. ^-^ In all its pouffy glory. XD

Then came home and put up lj layout.

I downloaded three fonts tonight. And deleted almost 20. (They were the cutesy round ones I got when I first got into downloading fonts.) I got … uhh … Misplaced, Lakestreet, and … I can’t remember the third. Cut n Paste. Yeah. I really really wanted to get Dark Theater, but it’s a broken link. -_- Arrgh. Ooh, also got Sacrifical. :D Niiice.

unconfuzzlingness: site stuff

Heehee, is getting somewhere! And they’re giving free shipping on $99 or more orders, so I’m going to ask Mommy and Daddy if we can order from there now.

I’m confuzzled lately. Well, not exactly, but I keep thinking one thing, then going to another, coming back to the same one and finding another thought, etc. etc.

  1. AT&T is changing the peoplemediaone address. Okay. So far, I don’t have anything more than that, no definite address (my username might get changed), no definite moving time. I’m waiting for the beginning of February for more info. I have to change e-mail addies for some places … EZBoard is the only one I can think of right now. Oyeah, Emazing mailing lists also. I canceled the trivia one. I still have to go throug all my old quotes mails and put the ones I like in BiM. Another thing, I have to change all the urls in the cliques I joined, and move my page as soon as possible so people can find out the new address sooner … not that I think people care. I also have to change all of my stuff in EZBoard, the images, the links, blah blah blah. Hmm, I wonder if I have anyone else’s stuff stored on mariruriru. Tadash’s. Yes.
  2. Batcave is down again. Which leads me to ask myself, Why didn’t I move all of my MR files to my compi?! Hmph. O.O I just realized … I DELETED THE LAYOUT FOR MFF OFF MY COMPI! If Batcave really lost my site, then I don’t have that anymore. ¬_¬
  3. I put a lot of not-so-important-but-I-still-want-them files on my geocities sites, and I keep worrying I’ll lose the sites and thus lose the files. Ugh. I’m not normal.
  4. I signed up for a site at, still not sure if they put ads on or not. I also put the wrong e-mail address when I signed up, so I don’t have the site. ;_; I have to get another one. But I wanted to use that username! I wanted to see if I could stand it being my url, or if I’d get annoyed by/sick of/embarrassed by/tired of it.
  5. Yes, I am still thinking about getting my own domain. I probably won’t get it, even if I were to think up the best way of selling the idea to Daddy and Mommy. But it’s interesting to think about. I do kind of want it, but there are things that make me not want it.
    • a. I think I’d be taken a bit more seriously,
    • b. I just like the thought of having my own url with all (except my moonlight) sites on there,
    • c. I don’t know I’m just very very very human and wanting.

I look directly at the compi screen and it’s fine, except for the very fine lines going down the screen (the tiny TV does something to the monitor, we don’t know what) but then I look up at the TV and I notice at the bottom of my eyes the screen flickers, just like when a compi screen is shown on the news. Why why why? I wanna know. But I don’t want to be bored.