New entry to get away from the ramblyness.

“You don’t just say you’re not welcome because they are welcome,” she said. “We just welcome them with a parent,” she said.

Does anyone else get confused by that sentence? Don’t you think a comma would work very well between “welcome” and “because”? Otherwise, to me, it sounds like she’s contradicting herself …

I got that from this article on Yahoo! about malls setting curfews on teens. ^^;; That fits with this entry because today Mickey said he had a final and it would take only an hour or so and that he wanted to check out this shopping place that he drives by on the way home all the time.

So Mum and I went with him. While he took his final Mum and I went to the Ontario Mills Outlets. I bought this white blouse at Charlotte Russe that I’ll wear over tanktops and stuff (when it gets cooler!) and a black lace “scarf” at Anchor Blue.

At this one country store (that we were never able to look in before because we’d always gone with mah bros and daddums, who were more into the model car store :b), we bought this funny/cute card for Tadash’s birthday, something for SM00 for Christmas which I think is SO CUTE XD and it’s really cool, she’ll see on Christmas, a birthday present for Mum of a kitten figurine falling asleep on a book while she’s crouching, sooo cute, and a little eucalyptus clove scented candle for me. :)

I wish I had a digital camera. I think Hidek said his busted a little while ago. Yeah, end of August. I wonder if I should even be linking his site anymore because he’s taken to cursing on it and stuff. Actually, if I go by those standards, I shouldn’t be linking to SSH anymore because of a certain topic about guys and girls. :b~ Tadash doesn’t really want his site linked either. But he didn’t tell me to not link him. And SM00 doesn’t update her site. :( Neither does Mickey.

But anyway! I got sidetracked. I said I wished I had a digital camera. It turns out Hidek’s friend’s dad doesn’t fix cameras, he just develops film, and that maybe one of the two camera stores next to his (don’t ask) might be able to fix it. But no one’s getting off their butt and taking the camera in. >_> Actually I don’t really like the street it’s on. ^_^;;; It goes to LAX … yuckyyyy. Er. Sidetracked again. I said I want a cam so I could show a piccie of the kitty falling asleep. It’s so cute! ^_^

After the outlet mall and after finding out my phone’s reception dies in the mall (Mickey was supposed to call us after he finished his final) and after he tried calling four times we went to check out this … shopping area center thing. Not much there, really. I mean, Target, Best Buy, your average stores. But they also had a Michael’s. And they were having a 50% off sale on silk floral items. :D So I bought $30 of flowers for $15. Hehe. Now I have to remake that floral arrangement on my shelf.

The Montclair plaza was nice. The second floor was so high up, though. I didn’t like standing at the rail. ^_^;;; Oh! Westfield Shoppingtown had my mall repainted, the rails and stuff … it’s all … white. ;_; First they take out the really cool clock tower from my childhood, then they even paint over the tealness?! *sigh* So sad. Anyway.

The Montclair plaza had Anchor Blue, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Express, aaaand … Anime Club. I like it better than the anime store at Westside Pavilion. :b It’s brighter. And has more action figures. And more stuffed animals. And … maybe a couple more shelves of manga and DVDs.

Same amount of artbooks, though, if not less. x_x No place really sells artbooks. Except for that Comic Cellar guy at Frank & Son’s. But ew. I don’t want to go to City of Industry. And parking is really hard to find too. … But anyway.

This Anime Club store had so many posters! XD I bought an Inuyasha poster. Gehehe. It’s all pink. *laughs* But it’s not all busy and crowded or ugly like other posters I’ve seen. And it has Inuyasha on it. So I ish happy. ^_^


Okay, I fixed up my new layout last night. ^^;;; It’s got Park Ji Yoon on it and it’s black and red. XD My two adored colors. :b Most of all my wallpapers are made in those colors. ^^; In fact, I made a wallpaper from the layout. :) Still needs some tweaking, but I don’t want to stare at it too long lest I get tired of it. >.> In fact, I think I am getting tired of the layout. And I haven’t even put it up yet. Hahaha.

Uhh, it’s got the normal blog layout and everything. :} Thin text space along with small font size. ^^;;; Hopefully it won’t be too annoying. But I still lurv it. I’m debating whether I should put it up now or not. Well, I don’t suppose I’ll put it up today since we’re leaving fairly soon, and I don’t think I’ll go back on. What I’m debating is whether I should put it up tomorrow or any time next week when I have time. Maybe I should have said that in the first place, ne? o.O;;;

I still have to make a new layout for my lj, and I wanna make a new layout for my layout archive, too. I wanted to use a b&w picture of an actor from the golden era of Hollywood, but I didn’t really look that hard, so I didn’t find one I wanted to use. ^^;;;

I went looking for Chobits pictures though. Found piccies of Chii and Dark Chii and a piccie of Kotoko and Sumomo. XD

I also have that picture of Natalie Portman from the time Leon was filmed. o.O I don’t know what to do with it though, ’cause it’s all smallish and has parts of her cut off … I mean … her hair, on the side, and the top of her head … and half her torso … very smallish picture.

Then there’s the wallpaper page I wanna put up … maybe perhaps. (I’m still wary of the idea. x_x Don’t want people stealing my papers, or my bandwidth going up, or … yeah.) And I still have to make that anime smilies page. ^^;; I was thinking about it, and I realized I forget what ^_^; means. O.O One of the most basic smilies, one which I use a lot, and one which I forgot the meaning of … o.O *koffkoff* And then the EW split. And adding lyric credits to LxL and putting up more art at EW and … I forget what else I wanted to do. Oh yeah, there was a short story I had in my mind … I tried writing it out in a notebook, and I got sooo stuck in the middle of it. x.x That always happens to me. >.< I know the beginning and end, and general ideas for the middle, but when I get to the middle I get stuck.

“in, out, and on with life”

I feel dead. x_x Okay, so I have a month before the English paper is due. But I don’t know. I’ve never really done an 8 page report. ^.^ What can I say, I got out easy.

Well I chose a topic. Did I say that before? I think I’m getting mixed up with my journal. Well my topic is Michael Eisner is bad for Disney. He Is Not Disney. Yup yup. Let’s see how well I do with it. I hope I get by with a C in the class. (In other words, I don’t have high hopes for a good grade on this paper.)

It’s 11:00. Dangit. I don’t feel like going to bed. Hum.