shopping, the end of eras

Mum and I went the mall. Payless Shoes, Forever 21, Borders Express, and Hallmark. Forever 21: Mum’s comment sums it up for me. “It reminds me of the 70s.” Not that that’s a bad thing at all, I’m just not a 70s-style sort of person. Yes, I like the clothes, I think they look nice, different, not blah, but will I wear them? Heck no. Now I’m all sad. Anchor Blue closed at Westside Pavilion, and Forever 21 is going in a style direction that I don’t care to follow. Where am I supposed to find clothes???

At Borders Express I saw Nana volume 5 (in plastic wrap o.o!!) but I didn’t have a coupon and I’d already spent $20 on a watch and didn’t want to spend money that is coming dearly at the moment, so I skipped it.

Hallmark still has the giant Snoopy plush. XD I want! It’s $20 even, and ish big and not wearing any accessories (except a collar) or hugging Woodstock, so it looks like an extremely huggable Snoopy, like my Mr. Snoops. Snoops makes me sad, he’s all squished out flat and not very stuff-y and dirty, his fur’s not soft and new. But again, I didn’t want to spend money.

So what do I do today? I went with Mum and Mickey to CompUSA’s clearance sale and spent $56. (How can they be closing?? Noooo, Best Buy and Circuit City suck in the computer department!! CompUSA was my saving grace! And Fry’s drives me up the wall, it seems so dirty or unkempt or something.) I bought a mousepad with a frog on it ($7), a Tetris game for Windows/Mac ($15), DVD-Rs ($15), and an 80 pack of slim jewel cases ($17). Yes I am insane what the heck am I going to do with 80 of them I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use even 10 of them in my entire life so far.

I’d even told myself to not buy anything with my credit card this month, because the past few months I’ve had $50+ bills every single time. So somehow my debit card is exempt from my spending ban? Grrr. I guess I’ll just have to work extra long hours this summer. (Since my cousin says the guy is swamped with work, I guess I definitely have a job with him again. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* I haven’t even really bought clothes in a year! Where’d all my money go? *cough Borders and its ebil membership cough*

Mickey wanted a mouse and numeric keypad for the laptop he’s buying in a little while, but ended up buying a controller for the racing game he’s getting, since CompUSA didn’t have what he liked. XD Mum bought a mouse for the old computer (so Mickey doesn’t have to buy a mouse anymore; he’ll just take the one from his current computer) and a 100 gig external harddrive. :O I’m a spoiled brat. I was looking at them because lately I’ve wanted to backup my laptop AND my desktop, and if my desktop serves as my laptop’s backup, where is my desktop’s backup? Plus, it’s really annoying being on my laptop and having certain files I want that are on my desktop. I hate to fire up the desktop just to get a few files. So now files will be central on the external harddrive and I can move stuff off my laptop!

rest your head

Thanksgiving was nice. Everyone but AJ and UG was there. Well, also Bachan. Sorry to drag the summary down. *furtive glance* It really was a nice day, I had a great time. I just had this thought early, before dinner when I saw Jichan, that Bachan wasn’t there. Silly, because she hasn’t been there for a couple Thanksgivings past. Oh well.

I was thinking of taking a picture of the (pool) table with all the food on it, but people were about to start lining up and I didn’t want to run to my room then stand there getting the picture while everyone else waited on me. :o

Oh yeah, a pic of my Japan Expo loot. Shall have to procrastinate on that.

Friday I just sat on the sofa with Mum and ate chips and dip while watching tv. XD Great fun.

Saturday went with Mum to Borders by Santa Monica Blvd. to buy stuff. I wanted to buy Monk season 2 for $20 but it turns out the sale was only for season 1. *shakes fist at Borders* In the e-mail they sent me, they had something covering the bottom of the pic of the Monk box, and they didn’t mention specifically season 1 so I thought it was for all seasons. :( Oh well. Mum got Sylvia Browne’s book on Jesus and I got Othello volume 5. I was going to get Nana volume 4 but they only had 1–3. grr.

O, I didn’t mention, that Tuesday before we came home I went to Borders and used a Personal Shopping Day to buy Inuyasha books and Nana 3. From maybe $48 to $43, ooh I really saved a lot. (End sarcasm.) But anyway. Cliffhanger in Nana 3! *cries* I want 4!!

Saturday night I talked on aim, then when Noelle and her fam came over (after a birthday party, waiting for traffic to lighten) I ate dinner (mmm, turkey soup! *grin*) and watched tv with them.

Sunday, went to Michael’s looking for paper for my art journal. Wouldn’t you know, they’re practically all sold out of any type of black paper. Went to Target with Mickey and Hidek. They took down the sign for the Wii (“Due to high demand blah blah blah we don’t have what you’re looking for.”) but they still didn’t have it.


New entry to get away from the ramblyness.

“You don’t just say you’re not welcome because they are welcome,” she said. “We just welcome them with a parent,” she said.

Does anyone else get confused by that sentence? Don’t you think a comma would work very well between “welcome” and “because”? Otherwise, to me, it sounds like she’s contradicting herself …

I got that from this article on Yahoo! about malls setting curfews on teens. ^^;; That fits with this entry because today Mickey said he had a final and it would take only an hour or so and that he wanted to check out this shopping place that he drives by on the way home all the time.

So Mum and I went with him. While he took his final Mum and I went to the Ontario Mills Outlets. I bought this white blouse at Charlotte Russe that I’ll wear over tanktops and stuff (when it gets cooler!) and a black lace “scarf” at Anchor Blue.

At this one country store (that we were never able to look in before because we’d always gone with mah bros and daddums, who were more into the model car store :b), we bought this funny/cute card for Tadash’s birthday, something for SM00 for Christmas which I think is SO CUTE XD and it’s really cool, she’ll see on Christmas, a birthday present for Mum of a kitten figurine falling asleep on a book while she’s crouching, sooo cute, and a little eucalyptus clove scented candle for me. :)

I wish I had a digital camera. I think Hidek said his busted a little while ago. Yeah, end of August. I wonder if I should even be linking his site anymore because he’s taken to cursing on it and stuff. Actually, if I go by those standards, I shouldn’t be linking to SSH anymore because of a certain topic about guys and girls. :b~ Tadash doesn’t really want his site linked either. But he didn’t tell me to not link him. And SM00 doesn’t update her site. :( Neither does Mickey.

But anyway! I got sidetracked. I said I wished I had a digital camera. It turns out Hidek’s friend’s dad doesn’t fix cameras, he just develops film, and that maybe one of the two camera stores next to his (don’t ask) might be able to fix it. But no one’s getting off their butt and taking the camera in. >_> Actually I don’t really like the street it’s on. ^_^;;; It goes to LAX … yuckyyyy. Er. Sidetracked again. I said I want a cam so I could show a piccie of the kitty falling asleep. It’s so cute! ^_^

After the outlet mall and after finding out my phone’s reception dies in the mall (Mickey was supposed to call us after he finished his final) and after he tried calling four times we went to check out this … shopping area center thing. Not much there, really. I mean, Target, Best Buy, your average stores. But they also had a Michael’s. And they were having a 50% off sale on silk floral items. :D So I bought $30 of flowers for $15. Hehe. Now I have to remake that floral arrangement on my shelf.

The Montclair plaza was nice. The second floor was so high up, though. I didn’t like standing at the rail. ^_^;;; Oh! Westfield Shoppingtown had my mall repainted, the rails and stuff … it’s all … white. ;_; First they take out the really cool clock tower from my childhood, then they even paint over the tealness?! *sigh* So sad. Anyway.

The Montclair plaza had Anchor Blue, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Express, aaaand … Anime Club. I like it better than the anime store at Westside Pavilion. :b It’s brighter. And has more action figures. And more stuffed animals. And … maybe a couple more shelves of manga and DVDs.

Same amount of artbooks, though, if not less. x_x No place really sells artbooks. Except for that Comic Cellar guy at Frank & Son’s. But ew. I don’t want to go to City of Industry. And parking is really hard to find too. … But anyway.

This Anime Club store had so many posters! XD I bought an Inuyasha poster. Gehehe. It’s all pink. *laughs* But it’s not all busy and crowded or ugly like other posters I’ve seen. And it has Inuyasha on it. So I ish happy. ^_^

*pokes Poke*

Wow. *twitchtwitch* Mozilla and IE can take the same exact coding (absolute positioning) and have a difference of ONE PIXEL. *twitch* I can’t tell which one is off, either, because it involves text and I can’t really tell where the top of the line of text is. Grr.

Hidek said to me today, “If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it.” Messed up logic. I dunno. That just confused me for a while. ^^;;

Mum and I went to the mall today and we went in this store that sells junky stuff and we saw these, er, things. Like, stuffed animals/figurines/statues/whatever. Well. They were cat/dog/chicken things, and we think they had real fur/feathers covering them. That was really weird. Ooh! That store also had these neat cards. They all had stick figures and speech bubbles, very simple in black and white. This one said, “Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you have many …” on the front and “anniversaries” inside. Another one said something like, “Sometimes during the day I like to sit and think …” then on the inside “about you.” So cute. ^^

Well anyway. East Wind closed at the mall (albeit a long time ago, but I’m trying to make a point here), but we found this other food place that was there since as long as I can remember that changed its menu (and maybe its management), so now it serves shrimp and sushi! XD No noodle place yet, though. ¬_¬ Westside Pavilion and Thousand Oaks mall and the outlet mall all get noodles, but this mall doesn’t. Boo.

Yeah, I think that’s it. Oh yeah. I spent $220 on books. Er. Schoolbooks. And I bought a new copy of Hot Gimmick vol. 2. Now I have only a bunch of singles in cash. And I need to save up $300 before next semester to put back in my checking account. Ah, back to school and having no money.

(Last night I read a few of the first pages of both Mary, Called Magdalene, and Raise the Red Lantern, and they’re both soso good, and yet I’m still raging against the fact that no money means no books!! Wah!)

second Ontario Mills trip

I don’t know if I wrote about the first trip somewhere anywhere (I doubt it; I don’t even remember when it was), but here’s a summary of my second one. ^^;

Mickey had to practice driving to school, or so Daddy decided, and somehow it turned into a big trip to the Ontario Mills Outlet Mall. I was happy. Haha. Um. Didn’t want to go (and be a bother and slow down the strolling with my visiting of shops) if Hidek wasn’t going (because if Hidek didn’t go it would have been a smaller trip, nothing big, blah blah blah). But Hidek went. Yay. :) Brought my CD player with The Strokes’ Room on Fire and Dashboard Confessional’s A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar (I hope I got that right), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (rereading the series during the summer), and my purse with $30 in it. XD

Short summary of the whole mall part: used the restroom twice (felt queasy, had drunk water before leaving, along with my hot cocoa and orange juice at breakfy, then had soda at the mall [with Burger King fries :)] to ease my headache-y-ness), looked through a couple shoe stores, the bargain bookstore (saw a cuuute picture book of this girl and her guinea pig that she let go because she didn’t want a “pet for babies” and missed it and he came home and it was cuuuute), stared in Charlotte Russe and Hot Topic from the food court, decided not to go in Forever 21 because it was all bright neon-y (not really) colored and too spring-like for me, went in Anchor Blue got two jeans in a $19.99 sale w00t, saw this anime cart started looking through the wallscrolls nothing, staring at the Inuyasha t-shirt but nonono I don’t wear print t-shirts, especially of such a popular male character (but now I’m wishing I had it >b maybe I could have modified it somehow), looked through Sam Ash (?) music store looked through JCPenney’s saw a nice tank but wasn’t in my size looked for a plain white button-up blouse couldn’t find one left.

Muah. That was it. Oh yeah. I saw New Found Glory’s Catalyst (for $15) and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Fever to Tell (for $13). Am now wishing I had bought the YYYs album. :( But hey, I guess I should say I have some money to deposit in the bank.

We had KFC for dinner. I suggested El Pollo Loco but I guess someone else wanted KFC instead. Oh well. We got a Dale Jr. bucket! XDD I think Mickey wants it. >_> I hope it isn’t too greasy or anything to keep nicely.

I think that’s a nice wrap of my day.

Oh yeah. I saw this headwrap/”scarf” thing at Anchor Blue. It was $6.50, pinkish and yellow/beige, and I was thinking I could use it to tie through my belt loops instead of a heavy belt. Nice touch of pink in my outfit. But I didn’t know at the time that Mum was at the counter how much it cost. Also, it didn’t look like it’d look, er, fluffy enough tied in the belt loops. I’m guessing that’s true. Oh well. Shall have to keep looking diligently for scarves. :)

Also saw lots of knit um, things you pull over your head and it just sits on your shoulders. Kind of like a poncho, but much more stylish. Yeah. See. I was thinking of knitting one of those things for myself. I didn’t even know they were in style again (looking through old Teen mags, they claimed knit things were the fad, although I don’t recall anyone wearing them).

I looked at how this one knit thing was made, and I totally don’t know how that was done. o.o It looked like knit togethers were used and there were huge holes and then everything spread out again (don’t know how, maybe make one or something?) but yeah there were huge holes and I just have no idea how that was done. ^^;; I also don’t know where to get such fine/thin wool. :( I guess I’ll just have to buy it. Or look for an online wool store or something. ^^;

(12:28! woo)