who am I to say?

*throws confetti* Yaay! Let’s celebrate! XD Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Mommy told me the Amazon order is in Nevada right now and that we should get it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Yaaay! ^__^ But my You’re the Storm single is in a different shipment. :( ‘Cause it’s an import. Oh well. I shall wait longer for my song. Then I’ll remake my burned Cardigans CD. ‘Cause I got tired of Pikebubbles and Sunday Circus.

Tomorrow we go to Knott’s!! XDDD Can’t waaait! Err, maybe I can. Because I have to try to get to bed early to wake up in time. ^^;; (too many “to”s in that sentence x.x)

I think that I am pretty much done with writing stuff for SMC. I can’t think of anything else to add that doesn’t give too much info about me, so I’m just gonna add my collections and stuff and upload it. Wheee. :)

I think that’s all.

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