dear Adobe

While I love your design programs, Adobe, and respect you as a company, I really think you need to work on your updating products through the browser. I’ve attempted to download Reader 8.1 five separate times, once using Internet Explorer (but I refuse to install extraneous stuff in IE just to download/install something else entirely), tried resuming the downloads many, many times, and so far all I’ve got for my troubles is Photoshop Album Starter 3.2 installed, despite unchecking the box to download it, and no Reader 8.1 update.

Go die now please, kthxbai

taken for granted

Must … update … blog.

After about five or six hours coding this layout, from 12 pm (an hour after I woke up) on, I have to say I don’t like this layout as much as I’d hoped. I couldn’t do it the way I’d wanted (background images on top and bottom), so there’s lots of extra space around the boxes. murrr.

Now the colors are looking funny to me, not as nice and soft and pretty as they first were. I also just realized that I forgot to check the colors on my desktop (colors on my laptop look waaaay different from any desktop), so I don’t know how funky they really are.

But meh. No more ugly pink color and tiny box area to scroll through.

Group presentation yesterday in art was all right. Eddie Izzard was nicely received. (Her Engelbert Humperdinck bit was used to illustrate idea selection.)

The earlier part of the day was spent uninstalling and reinstalling my printer, in an attempt to get back my ability to print InDesign documents with the Composite CMYK setting. I don’t know why it takes so long to install a printer. Rather, I don’t know why it takes so long for the installer to realize that there’s just no way the website is going to be found to self-register the product, so just move on in the process already! But whatever. It didn’t work. Still can only print in Composite Grey or Composite RGB. I have no freakin’ clue why.

The HP website (I have a Deskjet 4160) has a support page about printer settings not available in InDesign, but for Macs. (Funny, I never thought of hooking Macs up to regular printers. All the ones I’ve dealt with as of late were hooked up to fancy printers with RIPs, if any.) I don’t even want to fashion that “help” to my own situation, because they suggest overriding InDesign print settings and going through the HP print settings dialogue. Ouch! No way!

The Adobe website has a topic in the InDesign support forum for Macs, but that was about an Epson printer, and a somewhat fancy one, not my dinky $60 one. The response there is that a lot of inkjet printers print with RGB or something, which I find truly odd, so might as well go with the Composite RGB. Or buy a really fancy RIP that’ll convert to CMYK for you. Right.

A couple weeks ago when trying to find a solution through Google I saw this page, an entry in a blog with a similar situation but also involving Illustrator. I can’t seem to find it now though. Someone commented saying he’s had that problem, and that he always just … does something involving the printer. I can’t remember. Removes the printer from the settings, I don’t know. Which is why I went through that whole mess this morning. But it didn’t work.

I think, I’m not sure, that this problem occurred after I changed color settings or color profiles or something in InDesign. I don’t know how or what to change the settings back to. I did synchronize color settings in Adobe Bridge though. I don’t know what that did really, but hey I got a little note about it so I did it hoping it would fix my problem. It didn’t. So I am stuck saving files as PDFs and printing through there.

(I don’t know why I don’t want to print RGB. It’s stuck in my mind that if it’s for print, I should stay away from RGB. Apparently the CMYK color gamut is smaller than the RGB gamut. I experienced that when I didn’t realize the picture for my movie poster was in RGB. Augh. But tha’s neither here nor there. What I want to say is that if I’ve designed something in CMYK [technically; I set up colors in the program using CMYK, but I am looking at the colors in RGB on the monitor], I feel that it would be just plain weird to print with Composite RGB to a printer that uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.)

Hmm … just read more topics at the Adobe InDesign support forum, and it was explicitly spelled out that only postscript printers accept CMYK. So what was I doing before? O_o

Another note: the funky colors are probably a result of me tilting my screen more than I had earlier this morning or last night. XD;; Wow, I really need sleep.

10:04pm The dawning light! (After looking up “inkjet printer cmyk rgb.”) Inkjet printers expect RGB since that’s what the general public would work in, and has a driver in the printer to convert to CMYK. But that brings up the question … how was I able to print CMYK?

Ugly life

Oh my goodness, Ugly Betty was all over the place tonight! o_o Trying to keep their audience … very cruel.

But I’m not really one to talk about primetime television on my blog … except Monk, of course.

My cell phone keeps “failing” calls today, I don’t know why. I had to call my voicemail four times to hear a message, write down the number, and save the message. Or did I save the message? I may have just given up the last time. It’s interesting that the message was available every time though, and not deleted. That’s nice. *pats voicemail company on the head* Then a group member called me and all I got was “Hello.” *phone ring* *some people talking* *dead air*

Oh yeah! I remember, yesterday I tried calling my voicemail and somehow I ended up getting the last person I called. In between me (what’s the cell phone equivalent of “dialing”?) going to voicemail and having someone say “Hello?” I heard some girl talking, she was saying something like “I know how to do it!” and some guy was saying “Get [something], address, [other stuff].” … Right. At first I thought it was the person whose car I whacked in the parking lot at school. (Trying not to hit a car on the other side whose driver was still in the car, both cars I guess were parked too close on each side.) But no, I ended up saying to someone else entirely, “I think I hit the wrong button… bye.”

After that I got a call from a phone in the 925 area code. I picked up ’cause I couldn’t remember if I had a group member in some class with that area code. *blink* Some guy asked for me, I thought, then the sound cut out for a bit, and I said “Hello?” and ended up hearing some lady speak Spanish to me. Riiight … She was asking for Eddie, which in a male sort of Mexican accent can sound like my name … right? My hearing isn’t that bad … right?

But I think I’m sort of rambling. I meant to say that I just hope I don’t forget something tomorrow or next week.

I can’t think, my left elbow hurts. Er, right above the elbow, on the outside. My posture probably isn’t helping. *sitting crooked* And the keyboard is pushed all the way to the right to make for the mousepad on the left so my left arm is sorta reaching to hit the keys … I hate keyboard/mouse positioning. It seems like they’re both in the way of each other. Ideally the mouse should be right in front of your hand/arm, not off to the side, but then ideally the keyboard should be smack dab centered in front of you, not off to the side. I think I need to buy a keyboard with no arrow keys or number pad. XD; Do they even make those in regular sizes? ie, not travel size?

I’m such a bad blogger. I can’t write coherent, topical entries like some bloggers. Can’t keep a personal blog that’s all nicely written and such. None of which (whom? I switched nouns somewhere) I’m going to mention here because I don’t want them to notice me talking about them. XD; I’m all rambly and blalala just like I used to be four years ago. Huh. Wait. Six years, in just a month and some days. o.o!! Wow. I might need to get a life.

Anyway! I need to finish reading chapter 15 for typography, which I find personally a waste of time because I don’t plan to set tables but then of course eventually I will but I don’t want to read the chapter because it isn’t a manual for my program of choice, InDesign, it just says what to do, and possibly ways to go about doing just that, if “your layout program allows it/has that feature.” *twitchtwitch*

Don’t get me wrong, I like the book and plan to keep it and use it for reference (in life … for life … they both sound like I’m going to make life choices based on the book O_o). It’s just that the author tries to be general and applicable to what you do, and it’s very helpful in that sense, but it gets sort of annoying when he says, “a good typographer does such and such, and I don’t know how to do it in your program specifically but you really should do it because I’ve modeled you into a typography snob and you’re going to feel guilty if you don’t.” Augh!

Right. Tables. I don’t think InDesign does tables. I know it does tabs! I like tabs. Not sucky, ugly tabs in Word, or fat tabs that take up a lot of my typing space in Notepad. Nice tabs, that you can set the way you like.

Anyway. Typing for 30 minutes. Wow. Maybe this is why I stopped writing in here. XD; Takes up so much of my time! Other things I’ve dropped this quarter: going on aim; reading (except for my typography book); any extra work on my appearance (but who am I kidding? I don’t do much more than bare minimum that often when I do have the time); tidying up apparently, there are piles of stuff everywhere that I keep thinking harbor spiders or fleas. But things I’ve picked up: behind-the-scenes site maintenance; keeping to a somewhat reasonable sleep schedule during the week (except tonight :x); nursing my right elbow >_< to keep it from hurting; making school-related supply runs alone.

Now I should get to bed.

you’re the spotlight, girl

Yay! I’m so happy! I got Linotype’s FontExplorer! XD A student in class said it’s like iTunes for fonts, ’cause there’s a store in the program. Cooliz. :D But I got a font management program! Wooooo!

I haven’t installed it yet. >.> Still set in my ways. Turn on fonts to use them? But that’s an extra step … and on this laptop, I’m not sure if I want an extra program opening on startup … but I should definitely install it on my desktop. Getting closer and closer to a Mac … :b

This blog needs a new layout. The tiny text area is bugging me now. I’ve got an idea in mind, but first I have to make a new layout for my Cardigans fanlisting. It’s been wanting one for a while now…. Over the weekend I made a new Mochi fanlisting layout, and validated coding for most of the other fanlistings, still got a few left to go through. Opened the Kouda Mikako fanlisting. :D Yaaay, I’m so happy, I gots the Cardigans fanlisting and the Miwako and Mikako fanlistings. Maybe I’ll open a Miwako & Mikako relationship fanlisting. *laugh* Yeah. Right.

Hm, I should also get around to making that layout for my journal. I had the idea in mind since probably around the time I put this eyemelon layout up. Just never got around to it. :o

shopping, the end of eras

Mum and I went the mall. Payless Shoes, Forever 21, Borders Express, and Hallmark. Forever 21: Mum’s comment sums it up for me. “It reminds me of the 70s.” Not that that’s a bad thing at all, I’m just not a 70s-style sort of person. Yes, I like the clothes, I think they look nice, different, not blah, but will I wear them? Heck no. Now I’m all sad. Anchor Blue closed at Westside Pavilion, and Forever 21 is going in a style direction that I don’t care to follow. Where am I supposed to find clothes???

At Borders Express I saw Nana volume 5 (in plastic wrap o.o!!) but I didn’t have a coupon and I’d already spent $20 on a watch and didn’t want to spend money that is coming dearly at the moment, so I skipped it.

Hallmark still has the giant Snoopy plush. XD I want! It’s $20 even, and ish big and not wearing any accessories (except a collar) or hugging Woodstock, so it looks like an extremely huggable Snoopy, like my Mr. Snoops. Snoops makes me sad, he’s all squished out flat and not very stuff-y and dirty, his fur’s not soft and new. But again, I didn’t want to spend money.

So what do I do today? I went with Mum and Mickey to CompUSA’s clearance sale and spent $56. (How can they be closing?? Noooo, Best Buy and Circuit City suck in the computer department!! CompUSA was my saving grace! And Fry’s drives me up the wall, it seems so dirty or unkempt or something.) I bought a mousepad with a frog on it ($7), a Tetris game for Windows/Mac ($15), DVD-Rs ($15), and an 80 pack of slim jewel cases ($17). Yes I am insane what the heck am I going to do with 80 of them I don’t think I’ve ever needed to use even 10 of them in my entire life so far.

I’d even told myself to not buy anything with my credit card this month, because the past few months I’ve had $50+ bills every single time. So somehow my debit card is exempt from my spending ban? Grrr. I guess I’ll just have to work extra long hours this summer. (Since my cousin says the guy is swamped with work, I guess I definitely have a job with him again. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* I haven’t even really bought clothes in a year! Where’d all my money go? *cough Borders and its ebil membership cough*

Mickey wanted a mouse and numeric keypad for the laptop he’s buying in a little while, but ended up buying a controller for the racing game he’s getting, since CompUSA didn’t have what he liked. XD Mum bought a mouse for the old computer (so Mickey doesn’t have to buy a mouse anymore; he’ll just take the one from his current computer) and a 100 gig external harddrive. :O I’m a spoiled brat. I was looking at them because lately I’ve wanted to backup my laptop AND my desktop, and if my desktop serves as my laptop’s backup, where is my desktop’s backup? Plus, it’s really annoying being on my laptop and having certain files I want that are on my desktop. I hate to fire up the desktop just to get a few files. So now files will be central on the external harddrive and I can move stuff off my laptop!