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Yes, my internet connection must die

I can’t download these two files of Amy Lee’s appearances on tv ’cause the connection keeps getting reset … Daddy isn’t fixing it yet. I think he’s watching football. Or the Busch race. Or … sports commentary. I dunno.

Anyway. I haven’t had anything to say in any of my journals/blogs/diarys. I have so many journals … and only two of them are really read by people. heh. Why do I keep signing up for free journals? “Ooh, that looks cool. I want one! *sign sign*” And I don’t even use them … eh.

Bush Allows Gays to Be Fired for Being Gay.” That might actually make me move to Canada. Is it true? Mum says it sounds too ridiculous to be true. I dunno.

I’d never really leave California. ^^;; Unless I learned Italian. I hear Italy has weather like California. :b I could never live in Japan, because of the heat/humidity; Canada because of the snow; England because … I dunno, I just don’t like that weather, whatever it is; Africa’s toooo hot. I dunno what Australia’s like.

But I’m rambling. Yeah. I need a new layout here. I’m too lazy to make one. There aren’t any new Amy Lee pics I like. I already used Nat pics on a journal. I need a new layout … Blah blah blah. I feel tired. But I’m pretty sure I got 9 hours of sleep. o_o Weird.

Oh yeah. I bought Green Day’s American Idiot and The Killers’ Hot Fuss because they were on sale. Muahaha … haven’t had new music in a longo time …

just getting sidetracked…

Getting sidetracked. ^^;; I don’t really feel like writing my chem report. >_>

Anyway. Yesterday I tried using the cable to connect my laptop and it worked relatively nicely. I just couldn’t move anything. It was good until my brother sat on the cable because he was playing GCN and the cable was in the area he usually puts his chair. So I got disconnected and couldn’t reconnect for a while … So! Today I decided to suck it up and just put in the wireless card … it started up in maybe an hour? That part wasn’t so bad, I just read stuff, but then I couldn’t pick up on any wireless signals. I restarted, still couldn’t get a connection. Didn’t feel like working on that lithium report, so I went on Mum and Daddy’s comp. Aaaand … voila!

9. Richard Petty Driving Experience
6975 Speedway Blvd Ste D106, Las Vegas, NV
Put the pedal down at the Speedway and top 100 mph without fear of being pulled over.–10 Things to Do in Vegas Before You Die.

I wanna try that! Muahahahahaha!!! … On Thursday I saw one car pulled over on the freeway and then a few minutes later I saw another car get pulled over … made me all paranoid so I was going 65/70 in the third lane. ^^;; I’m sure I annoyed people behind me. Too bad. Seriously. The one and two lanes were open … go around me!! And I got better mileage than they did! >D

I was looking at those things to do lists because I thought they’d have better stuff … like in Sacramento I’d do about half the things they listed. But for LA I’d only do one or two things. There is much more to LA than Hollywood and clubs, seriously. That’s what annoys me about my chem class, they talk about LA in the superficial sense. :b

Other thing: I saw Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Girls” performance. First, what the egl community said (on lj): generally that Gwen is bad or that one song is bad, musically (I don’t disagree ^^;), and that she terribly warped egl and that all her fans will be getting into Japanese fashion through her version, but that also she didn’t specify which fashion style she liked … yeah, that’s pretty much it. What I say: meh. Gwen Stefani’s skirt was kinda lolita-ish, but other than that … it seemed more like she was talking about other styles.

Oh yeah. People in the egl comm said she name-dropped at the end of the song. I couldn’t really understand what she was saying after a while, so I didn’t catch that part. ^_^;; I think, at least partially, that she just really likes this style, and wanted to spread it around. egl-ers are just really strict about their fashion sometimes. :b I was thinking that way for a little while … ‘Oh, you can’t wear/do that, that’s not real egl!’ But after a while I stopped wanting to wear egl so much (because it costs so much if you don’t sew your own clothes ;.;) and I just accepted whatever fashion I could get.

Now I’m just … well firstly I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear the clothes I really want to. :b~ Secondly all I can really buy is what’s at the mall. Thirdly I don’t have enough time to learn how to sew, and fourthly I don’t want to go to thrift stores. The only one I know about is on W-street and I don’t want to drive there. hah

But yesterday I bought this long swooshy black skirt that kinda reminds me of something Amy Lee would wear (but is NOT the reason I bought it)!! :D At the moment I’m wondering if I have black tights that I could wear underneath another skirt I bought (and have yet to wear) and with my boots.

poli … something; and nonwireless laptop, Christmas

“Kerry may have been too much identified with the Hollywood left and I think that hurt him,” said Republican political analyst Allen Hoffenblum.

“Clinton could get away with it because voters already knew who he was and they just saw him as being starry-eyed. They never perceived him as being a left-winger.

“But when Kerry surrounded himself with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen and Michael Moore, many voters concluded ‘well, this guy must be a real liberal,”‘ Hoffenblum said.

That’s too bad. Hm. Oh well. I think Michael Moore is a bit of an idiot. :b Barbra Streisand? I think I’m far too influenced by the South Park guys concerning her. haha

Anyway. Other news. I forget what I’ve said here and what I haven’t. But that’s not news. Uh. I found out that my laptop starts up slow because of my wireless network adaptor card thingie. Or at least I hope that’s it, because I’ve updated the network driver and everything else associated with connections, so if the new card that Daddy ordered doesn’t work … then it means I’m stuck with this cable/LAN connection which is really sensitive and disconnects with the slightest movement. And it only goes as far as … Hidek’s desk, Daddy’s nightstand (which is right inside his room), and the living room almost directly below the catwalk. Which is entirely too public an area for me. ^_^;;

The new card was supposed to come today … that’s what the shipping company said online. But it didn’t. So I won’t be able to get it until next weekend. :(

I read another article today! It’s not really a news article. Just something. Read about Steve Lopez’s switch to the conservative side. (Psst, BugMeNot.com for a login) If anyone was curious, I don’t agree with him on everything in that article. Nyeh. :b

And no, this isn’t becoming a political commentary journal or anything …

.NET Passport / cookies

“.NET Passport recommends that you read each participating site’s privacy statement to understand their policies and practices regarding the use of cookies. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies using the settings on your browser. However, if you choose to decline cookies, you will not be able to sign in using your .NET Passport.”

Dur. I hate strongly dislike you. I can’t sign into my Hotmail account or on MSN messenger. Why? Because I prefer to turn off an option that allows a tracking device to be saved onto my own computer. I’m also too lazy to regularly weed through all my cookies and/or run SpyBot.


slooooow laptop

Things that slow down system bootup

My laptop took an hour and a half to start up today. *waves tiny flag*

You have 850 fonts installed. If you can survive without all those fonts, try removing 600-700 of them to see if that makes a difference.

Gee. What am I supposed to do? (I have 300-something.) It’s not like my life depends on them, but it’d be like trying to take some car products from Mickey, or a fast computer prcessor from Hidek. (Oh wait, Hidek doesn’t have that. :b)

Your network drivers (LAN, Dial-up Networking) take too long to load—try disabling them to see if it makes a difference.

“Aw hell no!” :( Without my internet connection my laptop is pointless. (Yet any other connection, without my files, is pointless as well. :b)

Too many programs are being loaded at startup—check your Startup folder and eliminate any unneeded shortcuts.

Boo. All those programs are needed. (Last night I tried to trim the startup list on the study comp, but all those files were required. o.O;;;;) There aren’t any new ones from before this slow startup time anyway.

I had a thought today, though. Maybe I turned off something that was required. O.o But there’s no way to turn it back on, because it’s not listed. Er. I’m not into editting registries either. I don’t even know how to find out what program I turned off that’s needed.

Grr. Grr. Stupid computers. Maybe I really will get a Mac. My Intro to Graphics on a Mac prof was saying to another student that Mac used to be more graphically advanced than PCs, but that now PCs have closed the gap lately. But I heard somewhere else … I forget where … that Macs show colors more true to what is printed than PCs. Hm. I dunno. My cousin uses a Mac at work. But she has a PC at home. Which she rarely uses. :b

… *no good way to end entry* … *braindead*