maneki neko charm at the——

Haven’t posted anything in a while. Bad me. In fact, I’m barely posting this. This page has been sitting here for an hour now. blah.

I remembered one reason why I don’t daily click on The Hunger Site, The Rainforest Site, etc. It makes me want to buy things. And I keep thinking, a portion of my money spent goes toward whichever charity is listed on the page! So my defenses against letting go of precious and rare money are lowered.

Must … stop … looking …

Absolute Sandman

*twitchtwitch* Something else I want. Must have. NEED. *snerk* But I don’t have $100, or even the $70 Amazon is selling it for.

I want a first edition though!! I’ve developed a taste for those things, ever since Neil Gaiman pointed out the differences between the first edition and second edition of Anansi Boys. At the time it didn’t matter much to me which one I bought, but since Waldenbooks Borders Express had the first edition, that’s the one I got. I grew very attached to it. When Fragile Things came out I made sure to get a first edition. Now Neil Gaiman has Absolute Sandman out and … and … I just NEED a first edition! ;_; *brat*

(Curse you, Neil! *shakes fist toward the sky*)

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naproxen sodium and rats (tho not together)

I had a “naproxen sodium” (generic name; it can be sold under the label Aleve) this morning, and because I was kind of rushing I swallowed it without water. I’ve done it before! But I guess then I would take more care to drop it farther down my throat …

Regardless! This time I think it stuck in my throat. (I’m never sure if a pill sticks in my throat. It doesn’t feel like a lump, or really like anything’s stuck there. It’s just … pressure.) A few minutes after I guess it started dissolving, and my throat esophagus (by this time it’d traveled far down enough to get the more technical term used) started kind of burning. Not hot burning, a cold-ish burning … So I just kept swallowing spit (because I was in the car and not near a drink) to try and get rid of it.

It really hurt. :( A different kind of hurt than heartburn.

When I got home an hour or two later I ate some food. It still feels weird though. Like a cool (think “minty”) feeling behind my breastbone. I just hope I didn’t do some irreversible damage or anything. >_>


I think I want a rat.

I bought a Neil Gaiman rat from Lisa Snellings-Clark recently. I was looking through the other rats, and I think the Magic one is so cute! I like the Valentine’s one too.

Somewhere around the time I bought rat!Neil I found someone’s Livejournal that I read through a bit. This person had a few rats, and she kept posting stories and pictures of them. I thought they were cute. Plus people have said rats are smart.

I was thinking of getting a rat ’cause I want a pet during school, you know that whole “pets relieve stress” thing, but I didn’t want a dog or cat, I wanted a small pet. I didn’t want a guinea pig, because I thought it’d be a lot of trouble, too much trouble, with classes and all. So I thought of hamsters next, but then began to think that maybe a hamster would be too small for my tastes (although I guess there are ones larger than dwarf), and also that I wouldn’t like a nocturnal pet. (“Aww, you’re sleeping again? :(” *later at night* “Go to sleep! You’re keeping me up!”) So now I’m considering rats, although I’m still not sure.

Cassie Steele

I don’t know when I started watching Degrassi TNG, maybe the second year it ran on The N. Oh, I do know that Noelle’s family had digital cable at the time. I also remember that they got it when they put in the new floor. w00t! General timeline-yness!

*cough* Anyway. I knew the character Manny Santos as that cute little girl! Now she’s all … ehh. *coughslutcough* (The N never played her two-part episode, did they?)

But tonight, because I was being curious, in my follow-semi-random-links mood, I found out that Cassie Steele, the actor who plays Manny, is releasing an album, “How Much for Happy,” that (as far as I can figure, from her site) she wrote herself. I went to her site, and the pictures on the site are, eh, kind of adult (I just wonder, how will she feel about this stuff when she’s 30, or older?).

I also found out her clothing style is so different from her character, Manny. Manny wears all those trendy (ho) clothes, kind of J-Lo style. Cassie likes black (chipped, heh) nail polish, grungy clothes, leather jackets, and army boots. I guess it’s kind of like … I forget her name, the person who plays Ellie, she isn’t goth/punk, she rather likes to make her friends laugh. You just act the person you aren’t, because it’s more fun than acting like yourself …

But anyway. I just made this entry mainly to say, go to her site and see the video/hear the audio of her single, “Blue Bird,” because omigosh I can’t believe she can sing like that!! :O I love it. Her singing style is more earthy, low, not … umm, Jessica Simpson-ish? But she can still belt out notes. *grin*

I really really want to buy her CD … but I guess I’d have to buy it through her site … Paypal … and Mum and Daddy are trying desperately to pay down their credit cards at the moment. (Did you know that Hidek is going to start driver’s ed/training this spring? Eep, three kids under twenty-one on one insurance plan, killer.) Besides, it’s not like I have any money to spend either. ahaha. Oh well. *adds to want list*

oh the irony

How funny. My internet speed seems adequate at the moment. is even *gaspshock* up. Yet Livejournal, which had been working very well for me since … I forget … maybe early/middle May? is now not working very well. Pooh. And at a time when practically all I do online is connected to lj. Haha.

Oh well. Earlier getting off earlier to bed maybe earlier getting up. Or maybe I’ll stay up late reading. >D Hehehe …

Today I reached a landmark. I now have over 500 Amy Lee images on my computer. :O Mwahaha XD It’s all only 102 megs, though. *wants to burn stuff on CDs* Although my whole My Documents folder is 1.9 gigs. ^^;; My music folder is 3.2 gigs. But most of it is stuff I or my brothers already own. I think. So yeah.

I have $5. Go me. I just bought SM00’s birthday present, paid membership at lj. ^^ So I technically don’t have $5. Hidek owes me $7 and I need to put money in my bank account. Waldenbooks is also having this buy three (selected) books get the fourth one free. I wanna check that out. Despite my lack of funds. I also need need a CD rack because all my CDs are just sitting in stacks on the floor. The one I’m looking at is $25. Then there’s posters from Anime Castle. And lastly music, because my last new CD was Muse’s Absolution. I want Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Found Glory, Maroon 5, or Sugarcult. ^^