new conditioning

Recently I’ve started seriously conditioning my hair. Before, I would just use conditioner whenever I felt like being fancy—which, being a busy college student for quite a few years, wasn’t often.

But now, since I have the time, I decided to use the rose-scented Herbal Essence conditioner that I’ve had since high school. Despite its age, it works well!

This change of heart was brought about by a Garnier Fructis coupon, over a year ago. I needed more shampoo, and Target had this shampoo for cheap! I bought it, liked the softening effect it had on my hair, but still preferred how clean my hair was after using Herbal Essence’s clarifying shampoo. (Don’t worry, my hair is coarse, it could take shampoo stripping it of everything it’s got.)

So I stuck with Herbal Essence, but after I graduated I came back home and still had the Garnier Fructis shampoo left over. I’d switch back and forth between the two, slowly using up the Garnier Fructis shampoo. Being in the mode of use up products sitting around, I decided to use my old Herbal Essence conditioner in that ancient soft pink, opaque bottle. Voila! Amazingly soft and silky hair, just like in all the hair commercials! (Um, commercials selling hair-related products, not selling hair.)

But then another dilemma popped up. My hair was now ever so smooth and shiny, but I had, over the years, grown used to it being poufy and slightly frizzy! I had to adjust to liking my hair even in its new calm and flat form, which I eventually did, accepting that looking like others’ standard of beauty was not a bad thing.

Now I just need to grow my hair longer and buy rollers, and I will be a complete girly girl!

my hair

Right now I have my hair up in one of those things where the end of the ponytail isn’t pulled all the way through the hairtie. I don’t know what that style is called. Some sort of faux bun? I dunno. My hair isn’t actually long enough to all be pulled into a ponytail. I’ve finally caught on to the use of hair clips to catch those unattractive wisps of hair, though. *snerk*

Lately I’ve been thinking of letting my hair grow out and getting some sort of layered haircut, with sideswept bangs. Oooh, I want bangs! But I’m too lazy to maintain hair longer than shoulder length. Not even shoulder length. For some reason, if my hair is going to stay this length, I’m not brave enough to have any cut other than the one I’m currently sporting. Maybe because that would entail cutting my hair even shorter, and at the moment I don’t want that, I actually want longer hair, I just don’t have the patience to maintain it.

I watched Shimotsuma Monogatari tonight, aka Kamikaze Girls. Wahh, I want Momoko’s hair. ;.;


Hey look, I still have that old image of the haircut I wanted.

Three more to add to my wanted haircut collection: one two three (pics from

I found out recently that I have Fuse on my TV! Woo. So that’s how I saw Gwen Stefani’s new video where she wears that haircut. I want her hair … my hair doesn’t curl as much as it used to … or puff out as much as it used to … maybe it’s too long.

downtime, racing, and cuts

Oi. -.- I can’t stand not being able to see my site. *glares* I don’t know how often or for how long goes down, but it kind of seems like it’s more than the 45 or whatever minutes Host Affect says. :/

But anyway. I don’t know if I misheard W88 or if he was misinformed but Sterling Marlin was in the all-star race last night. I don’t think he finished though. :( Terry Labonte finished 14th. Pooh. I found out last night that he’s won the all-star race twice before, so that was cool. ^_^

Hm. Oh yeah. Here’s the screenshot I took of that lady. :) I’m thinking of watching parts of that movie and seeing if I couldn’t maybe make some mini movie LJ icons. XP

Roast of teh Weenies

I kind of want to go to KROQ’s Weenie Roast. >_> They’ve got The Strokes, Bad Religion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Revolver, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Modest Mouse, and The Killers. ^_^ Yeah. But I’m not really the concerty type of person. :b If that wasn’t obvious. I dunno.

Launch isn’t working for me at the moment. :( Maybe ’cause I’m uploading my GM archives. ^^; Very slowly. ‘Cause the connection keeps timing out after a while. Ah well. I’m up to entry 125 of 236. Yup.

Guess what I downloaded! Amy Lee’s appearances on Cartoon Network! XP She said she had a bit of stage fright ’cause it’s hard being cute. Ahaha. And she had pigtails. Why is it she has fuller hair than I do, but her pigtails look less bushy than mine? Maybe ’cause she doesn’t brush them all out nicely like mine … >.> Dunno. But still. Eeee! I like non-goth Amy! XP She’s so cool.

Ooh. Last night I watched The Five Senses on IFC. It was weird. And I’m thinking it got only two stars because it was a rather slow movie. *nodnod* But I still liked it. Nice movie to stay up late watching on a random weekday. :P And the name of the little girl that got lost was Amy Lee! XD Her full name was Amy Lee Miller. I wanna name a girl Amy Lee … I’ve been thinking lately, ‘I’d like to name a kid such and such.’ Hehe. I was thinking of Nina as a name, too. What’s next, Natalie? :b~

I want to go on a poster shopping spree on the Anime Castle website. But I keep thinking about the Chobits poster they never sent ’cause it was backordered more than a month before Christmas. >_> And it cost over $11 too! It was a clear poster … and I don’t see it in their store now … I don’t even really remember what it looked like … meh. Just wasn’t meant to be. But still. $11! Mum gave me back my money, ’cause she was too lazy to ask them for the poster or a refund. She said it’s only money. But I’m not thinking of the money. I’m thinking, I paid, expecting something! And I want something! I don’t want a refund! Er. Maybe I do. Oh well.

I want to buy … an Angel Sanctuary poster … an Inu Yasha poster … and one or two Totoro posters … I guess it isn’t really a spree. Eheh. Oh well. I took down my $25 Queen Amidala poster and my Sakura Wars oav poster. I got tired of them. I moved my Snoopy poster in their place, and moved the other posters around … but now I have lots of pink wall above my desk. o.o So I want more posters. >b Well actually, I also want to replace my two Pokemon posters and my Gundam Wing poster above my bed. Actually, one Pokemon poster is there so my head won’t dirty the wall. ^^;; It’s got a tear in one side of it … :x

Mum said she’d try to cut my hair like Yukari’s! Yay. But then she threw in, “You’ll have all summer to grow it out,” so I’m afraid. Haha.

I rented The Last Emperor to get pictures of that lady’s haircut. ^.^; Yeah, I got two images, and I lightened them so they’re easier to see (and it was weird, ’cause I usually darken images :B). Except they’re on Hidek’s computer still, and he’s not on. >_> So I can’t get them. ;_;