music (concert, videos)

I’m dreaming of weenies … cooked through and through … (Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers!!, My Chemical Romance, MXPX, Queens otSA, Alkaline Trio, The Bravery [bought their EP off napster ^^’])

Ohh well … I don’t have money and I’m not really a concert-goer (…) and I don’t feel like driving to that ampitheater.

Yesterday since I was on the study comp scanning stuff (statistics tables), I listened to/watched music videos on Yahoo. Wow, I haven’t done that in a long while … as evidenced by how few videos on the top 100 list I’ve rated. haha.

Uhh … My Immortal is still on the list. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is still on there. Although it’s still kinda new.

I watched The Used’s video again, All That I’ve Got … then I watched My Chemical Romance’s video Helena. Call me a dunce, but I hadn’t realized how similar the two bands were. What’s that one song they recorded together? I don’t even know whose the main vocals in the song are. But I still need The Used’s older album. I think I’ll buy My Chemical Romance’s album too.

Saw Avril Lavigne’s video He Wasn’t. That video looked like it was a lot of fun to shoot. ^^; I liked it.

Saw SOAD’s B.Y.O.B. video too. Interesting. *looove the song* hehe.

Um. I also ordered Starsailor’s album “Silence Is Easy.” I’ve been wanting that for … a long while now. And yay, I’m gonna get it! It was $18 on Amazon … and $17 at Amoeba. So … there ya go. I found out about them from Yahoo music. Yeah.

Nothing else music related I can think of …

more Weenie Roast

Hidek asked me if I’d like to take him to Weenie Roast. I told him I don’t have any money. :b Which is true. But anyway. I think they sold out of tickets today in less than two hours. :/ Two DJs talked about KROQ street team members selling their terrace seats on ebay. ^^;;; Gee. Money grubbers.

I didn’t really want to go, though, ’cause firstly it’s a concert and I’m not a concerty person (lots of people, loud music … two things I’m not into), and secondly I didn’t want to hear Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill. >_>

hehehe … :b~

Roast of teh Weenies

I kind of want to go to KROQ’s Weenie Roast. >_> They’ve got The Strokes, Bad Religion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Revolver, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Modest Mouse, and The Killers. ^_^ Yeah. But I’m not really the concerty type of person. :b If that wasn’t obvious. I dunno.

Launch isn’t working for me at the moment. :( Maybe ’cause I’m uploading my GM archives. ^^; Very slowly. ‘Cause the connection keeps timing out after a while. Ah well. I’m up to entry 125 of 236. Yup.

Guess what I downloaded! Amy Lee’s appearances on Cartoon Network! XP She said she had a bit of stage fright ’cause it’s hard being cute. Ahaha. And she had pigtails. Why is it she has fuller hair than I do, but her pigtails look less bushy than mine? Maybe ’cause she doesn’t brush them all out nicely like mine … >.> Dunno. But still. Eeee! I like non-goth Amy! XP She’s so cool.

Ooh. Last night I watched The Five Senses on IFC. It was weird. And I’m thinking it got only two stars because it was a rather slow movie. *nodnod* But I still liked it. Nice movie to stay up late watching on a random weekday. :P And the name of the little girl that got lost was Amy Lee! XD Her full name was Amy Lee Miller. I wanna name a girl Amy Lee … I’ve been thinking lately, ‘I’d like to name a kid such and such.’ Hehe. I was thinking of Nina as a name, too. What’s next, Natalie? :b~

I want to go on a poster shopping spree on the Anime Castle website. But I keep thinking about the Chobits poster they never sent ’cause it was backordered more than a month before Christmas. >_> And it cost over $11 too! It was a clear poster … and I don’t see it in their store now … I don’t even really remember what it looked like … meh. Just wasn’t meant to be. But still. $11! Mum gave me back my money, ’cause she was too lazy to ask them for the poster or a refund. She said it’s only money. But I’m not thinking of the money. I’m thinking, I paid, expecting something! And I want something! I don’t want a refund! Er. Maybe I do. Oh well.

I want to buy … an Angel Sanctuary poster … an Inu Yasha poster … and one or two Totoro posters … I guess it isn’t really a spree. Eheh. Oh well. I took down my $25 Queen Amidala poster and my Sakura Wars oav poster. I got tired of them. I moved my Snoopy poster in their place, and moved the other posters around … but now I have lots of pink wall above my desk. o.o So I want more posters. >b Well actually, I also want to replace my two Pokemon posters and my Gundam Wing poster above my bed. Actually, one Pokemon poster is there so my head won’t dirty the wall. ^^;; It’s got a tear in one side of it … :x

Mum said she’d try to cut my hair like Yukari’s! Yay. But then she threw in, “You’ll have all summer to grow it out,” so I’m afraid. Haha.

I rented The Last Emperor to get pictures of that lady’s haircut. ^.^; Yeah, I got two images, and I lightened them so they’re easier to see (and it was weird, ’cause I usually darken images :B). Except they’re on Hidek’s computer still, and he’s not on. >_> So I can’t get them. ;_;