rambly: browsers, coughs

I’m presently mad at all three of the browsers I have. Netscape 6, 4.5, and IE 5. N6 died on me, 4.5 did an illegal operation and shut down, and IE was going too slow and annoying the hell out of me with that slow moving blue bar at the bottom. I’d like to try Opera or Mozilla, except Opera’s free version has pop-ups and I haven’t heard anything about Mozilla except that it’s a browser. What am I using now? Netscape 4.5 of course. Can’t ruin those cookies I have going, can I?

Meh. What is that and where did it come from? Meh? And why did the Simpsons use that word?

Y’know what’s annoying about a cough? It doesn’t help any! I cough, and then already I need to cough again! And it still doesn’t do anything! *mumble grumble*

I’m fighting the urge to put up a new layout. But hey, that’s good for me. It’s been two weeks and two days since I put up the present one. Not one week, or a week and a half, a whole two weeks and two days!

*rant* stupid mouse, comp troubles

Last night I had trouble turning the computer off. I tried to shut down, it had that “something is busy, waiting for something, do you want to wait, or continue shutting down” kind of message. I clicked wait, and of course it didn’t work. I clicked cancel, then tried again but I went through the same thing, then tried CTRL ALT Del to close whatever was waiting for a response, but then the computer froze, and unfroze, and I couldn’t even shut down through the start menu or C+A+D. So I just pushed the start button on the compi because I was tired. ¬¬

Now the mouse doesn’t work. The scroll wheel isn’t recognized. I looked through Control Panel, and the compi doesn’t even recognize the option of a mouse with a scroll wheel. And it keeps tripping me up. I use the wheel and get no response, then remember, ‘Oh yeah, it doesn’t work’ so I click on the window then try the wheel again. ^_^; Then I move the mouse to grab the scrollbar and get really annoyed.

Netscape 6

Netscape 6 is annoying the Holy Spirit out of me, I’m angry, and mad, and short-tempered, and about to light this thing with a can of gas. Ehh, too lazy to get the gas. ^_^;;

It won’t edit my bookmarks correctly! I grab a bookmark and drag it to where I want it (and it has to be in a specific spot, or else it’s moved to the top of the folder ¬_¬) then it disappears! I have to close the window and open it again for it to appear. And with how slow this thing goes, I’m not about to start organizing my bookmarks any time soon.

I forget where/who/what said, but I’m allowed to write in my complaints (“suggestions”) to make this thing better. But I’m not sure if I’m allowed only one e-mail or something, so I’m holding back. ^.^ Ehehe …

Netscape 6.1, Buba-chewed-layout

“How goes the new Netscape, version 6.1?” you ask. Or maybe not. :b

But anyway, yeah, so I’ve kinda got it figured out and fixed the way I want it … It’s so sloooooow! Okay, maybe not that slow. It’s the teensiest bit slower than IE 5.0 (the version I have now). But that’s slow to me! It’s like whoever makes Netscape was copying Microsoft (which is what I accuse them of doing) and thusly magnified the things I dearly dislike about that monopolizing browser. ¬_¬

Although … I can finally view frames and stuff correctly (I think), so I’m happy! :b If you’re wondering, I’m adding this entry with Netscape 4.5, don’t ask why.

Hey, I found out what layout I’m going to make to put up between the Padme and Michelle Branch one! It’s the cover of The Double Life of Pocahontas, illustration by … M-something Lynde … I think. Anyone want to open any bets as to how long it’ll take me to realize I can’t make this layout?

Ooh, ooh, guess what!! Okay, so Buba chewed the cover, I know that, and I cherish the teeth marks, I know that too, but I just found something out. I’m going to leave the teeth marks in on the layout and make a story! Or, at least I’m going to try to.

Obsessed? Yes, I love my piggums. I even love my scar on my right hand, although it was kind of scary when I first got it. I could see into my skin! Not that painful, though … or maybe it was, and my nice mind blocked out the memory. I do remember the horror of having to wash it out myself. I also remember making Buba fly across the room (umm, maybe a couple of feet) because he was latched onto me so hard. Hmm, personal experience if I ever wanted to report on how fiercely male guinea pigs can fight! haha.

Umm, what else? Oyeah, I downloaded that Netscape IM (which is AIM with a different name) because I didn’t want to stress myself out with the “custom download” so it’s just sitting pretty on my hard drive … *sigh* stupid thing. And there are “Free AOL and Unlimited Internet” links and icons and etc. all over. I can’t tell which is more rude, Microsoft or AOL.

feel bad, layout, Netscape, cats

I don’t know what to say … I’m not feeling good. I was making the December layout for my site. ^.^ Well, it centers around Buba. *sigh* I miss Buba. Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling good. My hands feel dirty. And my face feels dirty.

I got mad at Netscape for the first time, can you believe that? I didn’t get mad when my Stop Pretending layout didn’t quite work. I didn’t get mad when it kept crashing and I had to restart or wait hours to use it again. I didn’t get mad when it wouldn’t load certain pages because it couldn’t load whatever. But when it messed up my Buba layout and wouldn’t compromise, I got pissed off!!!

*weeps* I don’t feel good. I want a new Netscape. But this computer sucks and couldn’t handle it because something is taking up too much space on the 1.8 gig C:drive [it’s over two years old]. I’d need … I forgot … 26 megs of space? Would all my bookmarks disappear? Yes, I’ve never updated anything on my computer, except for the instant messengers, which coincidentally I don’t use at all.

Ho hum, I don’t feel good. Well … I saved my bookmarks somewhere. I saved them months ago, so they’re probably not the same at all. ^.^ I wonder where that disk is. I wonder which disk it is. *goes off to wash hands*

Ahh, I feel much better. The curing abilities of washing one’s hands. o.O Hmm, guess what? I MISSED 08TH MS TEAM! Yuppers. I can’t believe it. I hope I won’t miss DBZ. But that depends on if I can stop writing in nine minutes.

Dusty and Shadow went to the vets today, and yes, Shadow is a boy. *sheepish* Well hey, the lady at the counter couldn’t tell either, and she has eight cats, so hah! We won’t get them back until after 6 tomorrow, or something like that.

I think I’m going to make another layout, to put up between the Padmé and Michelle Branch one, so that I put the Buba one up later, and get tired of it later, and take it down later, preferably sometime after the second week of January, when he died. It’s my dedication layout, or summin, I dunno. Five minutes. I wonder what I’m going to make. Maybe a Gundam Wing layout. ^u^ I dunno.

I guess I ran out of stuff to say … three minutes … I want to make a new layout.