Molly’s cat food dance and the Wulfie scramble

Molly didn’t die. In fact, she woke me up at 5:30 this morning with her scratching.

Hehe, earlier today we were in the computer room, the boys were at school and Mommy was picking them up because she had to look at Hidek’s portfolio or something. I silently stepped over Molly and left the room. I went downstairs to my room for something, then she woke up and came downstairs. She started sniffing around the cat food and I, hiding in the entry, watched her lips get closer and closer until she almost got the food, then “AHA!” I jumped out at her, and she turned around sooo fast, her legs went flying behind her. LOL, I cracked up. Molly is such a funny doggy!

Wulfie almost fell off the catwalk a little while ago. Aaaahhh!!!! I heard all this scrabbling that sounded like a cat trying to find a grip on sheer wall, and I went to check it out. I saw Wulfie, with his wide eyes, staring at me. Luckily, he was on the side of the catwalk with the leaf garland. A good yard or so of that is yanked off and just hanging. O_O!! And Wulfie was frozen for a few minutes afterwards … ^.^;

Molly, chicken bone

The cat-dog team has done it again. >.< Some cat (Wulfie?) grabbed a porkchop bone with some meat on it off the table, then Molly scared him off and wolfed the thing down. Hidek stood there watching her, and said, “Mom? Molly’s eating a porkchop bone!” AAAAAARRRRGH!!! Idiot kid! (In the words of my mother …) I ran downstairs, but by then she’d eaten all of it. I tried to choke some of it out of her mouth, but didn’t feel like sticking my fingers in there. :/ How old is she now? 10–11 years old? *sigh* Nice five years of owning a dog. Owell, God willing, it’ll pass like the other bone. *prays*

last Jayjo entry

“Why is it that people don’t know what to say when something bad has happened to someone they know? Maybe because they think there are some magic words that will make everything all right again, only they don’t know what the words are.”
Ellen Wittlinger, Hard Love

Heehee, I feel that way, that what I say should make things better. ^.^

J.T. died sometime before 10. Mommy checked on him and found him dead, although she said, “He doesn’t feel that stiff, he must have died recently.” I said I didn’t want to see him, but then Mommy said, “You don’t want to say goodbye? Okay, Wulfie said goodbye.” “Wait!” and I went to look at im; his eyes were half open. “But he’s not in there anymore … it’s not him …” She started moving him around and singing, or something, and I ran away. She was going to set him by the door, to take to the shelter tomorrow, but she thought the cats would start attacking him. So he’s in his cage. Stimpy was kept in the freezer until we could bury him.

MY JAYJO!!! He’s dead! The last guinea pig (well, second, Buba was the first) that would put his head on my shoulder when I carried him. The one that gave me a horrid rash on my neck when I carried him. The one we rescued from my friend who was scared of him. ;_; He’s not here anymore, the one who held my last tie to adoring guinea pigs. Now they’re kind of … just there. ;_;

Mommy said J-jo must have had cancer or kidney failure to die so quickly, because he had a full stomach last night.

update on Jayjo, second to last one ever

J.T.’s dying. Mommy said he’ll be dead in the next day or so. At least he gets to go with a clean cage, ne?

He’s not eating, and he’s slobbering. Mommy said he “has the slobbers.” She said it means his molars are growing out, or something, and he can’t chew his food. This is the first pig we aren’t at least trying to force-feed baby food. Does that mirror our feelings toward guinea pigs?

I fed the pigs (sans Jayjo) a little while ago. J.T. made a really weird slobber sound. I petted him, and he felt sticky, or something. Sickly, duh. He has his nose stuck in the corner of the cage. :(

I consider Jayjo one of the original pigs. I mean, he used to share a cage with Wilbee, who was an original. Girl Girl is kinda iffy, in-between. She was related to Root Beer, we think. Funny, I don’t think of Electricity as an original piggy. When I say original, I don’t mean the first three (four, if I count Kiki, six if I count Mama’s and A’s pigs), but just that whole group of pigs. Mommy probably means only the first three and the Stimpy pigs. *shrugs* Owell.

Mommy said I don’t have to see him dead. I thik it’d be too sad to see the “kangaroo pig” dead and old and helpless. ^_^;; It’s sad even now, remembering how he’d hop out of his cage, even with all the latches and everything, and roam around the room. Even hopping in the girls’ cage. ^.^

Netscape 6

Netscape 6 is annoying the Holy Spirit out of me, I’m angry, and mad, and short-tempered, and about to light this thing with a can of gas. Ehh, too lazy to get the gas. ^_^;;

It won’t edit my bookmarks correctly! I grab a bookmark and drag it to where I want it (and it has to be in a specific spot, or else it’s moved to the top of the folder ¬_¬) then it disappears! I have to close the window and open it again for it to appear. And with how slow this thing goes, I’m not about to start organizing my bookmarks any time soon.

I forget where/who/what said, but I’m allowed to write in my complaints (“suggestions”) to make this thing better. But I’m not sure if I’m allowed only one e-mail or something, so I’m holding back. ^.^ Ehehe …