neighbor lawn/dog poop

A guy in the neighborhood yelled at me and my brothers. ;_;

He said that he spent a lot of money putting the lawn in and paying a gardener to take care of it, and we come along and let our dog poop on it, which burns the grass, and that he doesn’t pee on our lawn. What are we going to pick it up with? Then I showed him the bag and he walked off.

I think he should put a sign up on his lawn, “Do not let your dog poop on my lawn. Thank you.” I’ve seen other houses do that. One house even said they’d sue. O_o

Another guy on the same street, same block, a few weeks ago, marched out of his house to say he was tired of us leaving poop on his lawn O.o, and who was going to pick it up. So Hidek took out the bag and picked it up, and he watched over him like a hawk. Hmph.


Wheee!! I looooove Knott’s Berry Farm! ^u^ This year we got tickets cheap from Ralph’s. That’s because we spent too much money on something and couldn’t afford it. Maybe the Expedition. Maybe gasoline. I don’t know.

So, for the first time we started out on the left side of the park, and went clockwise, instead of our usual Camp Snoopy-counterclockwise path. I was so disoriented! I couldn’t tell where we were half the time … ^.^;;

Hmm, I went on Bigfoot Rapids, Sky Cabin, Mine Ride, Log Ride, Calico train, Dragon Swing, Gran Slammer, Jaguar, Camp Bus, the roller coaster in Camp Snoopy, and the Camp Snoopy train. I think that’s it. We also watched Hammerhead, Boomerang, Supreme Scream, that swing ride, bumper cars (which the boys went on), and Montezuma’s Revenge (which Auntie and Noelle went on). We didn’t get to try Ghostrider, we didn’t even watch it. We forgot all about it!!

For lunch, we went to Hollywood Wok. I got Chicken Sweet and Sour bowl. Chinese chicken salad: Mommy, Daddy, Auntie; pizza: Noelle, SM00, Hidek; Mickey got chili cheese fries; don’t know what Tadash had. For dinner we went to this sit-down restaurant in Ghost Town. SM00 had chicken nuggets, and the rest of us had cheeseburgers. I got sarsaparilla! ^u^ Auntie: chicken fried steak; Mommy and Daddy had humongous ribs. I ate and ate and ate and didn’t feel really full until I stood up. Hehe. But I still didn’t finish the fries.

I bought a Snoopy beanie, and two new Snoopy rings. Snoopy’s mouth is scrunched up, so he looks like he has a bitterbeer face … err, snaggletooth. ^.^ One ring was Snoopy standing, it was an older design; the other was him in a camp outfit. I got the one facing right. It just looked more natural.

We watched the water show … ElectroBlast? It was very … bright, and … interesting … SCE sure puts a lot of money into things. >.< No wonder our bills are so high. First Edison Park, now this. Hehe, there was this part where they showed Charlie Brown and Franklin bobbing their heads to the beat of the music. It was so cute and funny!

new CCS layout

Well, I made a new layout. It’s because the other layout didn’t give me enough space. I hate the scrollbar being on any of my sites. I always felt like I had to keep my entries short to keep the scrollbar away. But this layout doesn’t give me much more room anyway, does it?

Hmm. ^_^;; If you know what the original pic looks like and you hate me for what I did to it, don’t hurt me! It’s not that I dislike Sakura, but that I think Meilin’s “love” for Syaoran and his tired acceptance of her is cute. I support Sakura and Syaoran all the way. But still, Sakura doesn’t yell his name out then jump on him/grab his arm/glare at any girls near him/whatever. ^u^ Totemo kawaii, yo!

This layout is kinda bright … I don’t like bright … most of my sites have dark, deep colors. My ezboard had a light-bright layout once. The only reason it stayed up so long was because I used Princess Bride manga pics. Also, I don’t know what the links on the left and right will look like during the day, with sun hitting the screen. ^.^ In the dark of night, it looks juuuust fiiiiine. *falls over*

baibai Expedition

No more Expedition!! *sniffle* We got rid of it yesterday, and bought a Chrysler Town & Country. ^.^ From SUV to minivan, seems strange to me.

I still don’t like minivans much. It’s all cramped and stuffilies … even though this one is as wide as the Expedition and only 8 or so inches shorter. It’s the chairs I tell ya! The headrests give me the feeling I’m going to hit my teeth on them if I lean forward. ^_^;;

I don’t like the headrests in this car, they lean forward too much, and it hurts my neck. Especially since when I try to sleep my head rolls forward. urgh.

Buuuuut … I like the mileage, and the fuel tank capacity. ^u^ It makes much more sense. And the payments on this car dropped about $50/month or so … so it’s all good. I’ll just have to adjust … >.<

People in America like captain’s chairs. Having a split bench in the front brought down the price of the Expedition. I think that’s stupid. The middle seat is a ninth seat, and it’s a nicer place to put things than on the floor. *shrugs* People are weiiiiiird.

Ooh yeah, we bought the car from CarMax, $7,000 cheaper than the MSRP, or whatever. That’s so cool!

The Rugrats all growed up

I watched the special last night. I agonized through Fairly Oddparents. What happened anyway? ^_^;; It’s playing again tonight. I wish I could get over my problem and start taping stuff again. Maybe they’ll sell the special commercially, and I’ll buy it.

I thought it was so cool!! Emica, part of the plot, was weird, I think, but then again, so are most trends and all them doodads. At first it was so strange, I couldn’t get used to it, and kept laughing/smiling during the first ten minutes or so of their growed up appearance. They won’t embellish more on this, I assume. It’d beat the whole idea of the show, babies. Even though growing up ten years is cool and kinda expected, it won’t become the center of the show. And that last thought was directed toward me. ^.^;;; I keep telling myself that, but it doesn’t really work.

Angelica: She seemed herself, but the end was a turnaround. Maybe she’s maturing. But then again, at the concert she was herself. :b

Tommy: I don’t really believe he’d do that, but then again, maybe he’s also being a regular kid. He’s still Tommy through and through. ^u^

Chuckie: A little different, I guess. But still the same.

Phil: Hm, I like how he was the “remember when” person. I didn’t know he was that kind of guy. But someone had to do it, I guess.

Lil: Herself

Susie: HA haha, I love Susie growed up. She’s so cool. But that part where she was babysitting Tommy, I didn’t think she’d be the kind of person to sit in front of the TV and eat from the fridge. At least she wasn’t on the phone. But all her friends were at the concert, so I don’t know. Or maybe Tommy said he wanted to be alone … don’t know.

Dil: Wow, he’s so weird. I guess Baby Dil didn’t have much of a normal personality, so they could do whatever they wanted to him to fit the plot.

Kimi: Didn’t show much of her. Why not? I guess you could say she fit her mold.

Parents: I don’t know, the same. ^_^; Still use Lipshitz. blech, however his name is spelled. Drew and Cynthia weren’t showed much. Betty was her pushover self. Chaz was kinda not shown, I guess he’s the same. Why didn’t they show the rest?

Spike: Wahhhh!!! Spike’s old and fat and gray!!! I could hurt Tommy for making him suffer like that. All that bacon. *shudder*

Someone (forgot who) said there’s a possibility for a 25th anniversary thing … O.o I don’t really believe that. Somehow, I don’t think Rugrats will last that long. I don’t know why, and I hope I’m wrong, I hope it goes on just like it is and becomes a legend, or something, but even so…

Well, still babies after all these years!