little buggers!

¬_¬ I am so not right with things right now.

  1. AT&T is getting rid of the server/address/whatever. My website address is changing, my e-mail address is changing, and nothing gets moved from where it is now to the new address. ¬_¬ I just realized … I deleted some things from the compi that are on my peoplemediaone site. I know, it’s safe, but only for ten days. I don’t know when Daddy’s going to fix the computer. … Maybe I should get off? ^.^; Okay okay. Anyway, I don’t know right now if I should be putting all the files on the computer or my website. I mean, not all the files, but … non-necessary-for-being-on-either-one files. Plus my e-mails don’t get saved (unless I save them to the compi on another file … but then again I don’t think Daddy’s going to save them anyway!). So I have to go through all my old e-mails and save stuff I need. Like the quotes mailing list. Ohoho, how many quotes I have on there I should put on my site …
  2. Yahoo changed the IM so the old themes don’t work. >.< I’d fix it so it’d work, but the new toolbar buttons are scrunchy! I can’t work with that! erg.
  3. EZBoard is doing some weird thing to delete unused boards and clear up space. Also, I don’t feel like posting on the boards I’m supposed to post at. But I feel guilty for not going, and kind of like I’m missing something.

rambly: browsers, coughs

I’m presently mad at all three of the browsers I have. Netscape 6, 4.5, and IE 5. N6 died on me, 4.5 did an illegal operation and shut down, and IE was going too slow and annoying the hell out of me with that slow moving blue bar at the bottom. I’d like to try Opera or Mozilla, except Opera’s free version has pop-ups and I haven’t heard anything about Mozilla except that it’s a browser. What am I using now? Netscape 4.5 of course. Can’t ruin those cookies I have going, can I?

Meh. What is that and where did it come from? Meh? And why did the Simpsons use that word?

Y’know what’s annoying about a cough? It doesn’t help any! I cough, and then already I need to cough again! And it still doesn’t do anything! *mumble grumble*

I’m fighting the urge to put up a new layout. But hey, that’s good for me. It’s been two weeks and two days since I put up the present one. Not one week, or a week and a half, a whole two weeks and two days!

Simpsons Road Rage

I played Simpsons Road Rage todayayayayay. ^u^ I used Homer (both cars) (I got my second highest record using the car made for Homer), Marge (gah! slow!!), Bart (¬_¬ I don’t want to talk about it), Grandpa (I worked on my imitation. :b “My teeth fell out!”), Flanders (so-so), and Snake.

With Snake I played Sunday Drive at Evergreen Terrace and started piling things on Bush’s excuse me I mean Ford’s front lawn. But then I didn’t feel like doing that anymore so I starting blocking the street that runs by the Kwik-E-Mart. :b Hehe, I bet the drivers of the busses got super annoyed. I found out how to knock over those Quimby boards, too! I have to knock the top off, the picture part, then the posts can be run over.


Mickey is on the compi playing Star Craft (with Tadash?). Hidek is off somewhere with his friends. The GCN is sitting empty, Pikmin is calling. :D

Hidek asked last night, “Do you think you’ll finish the game this time?” At first I thought he was referring to all the games I play that I never finish (beating the boss isn’t as fun for me as the rest of the game). But no, he meant the fact that we have to collect 30 pieces in 30 days, and also fend off enemies with “weak” Pikmin. He says they’re weak because the leaf ones keep falling behind and he has to go back and find them. I said, “No.” Heh, let’s see, shall we?

*rant* stupid mouse, comp troubles

Last night I had trouble turning the computer off. I tried to shut down, it had that “something is busy, waiting for something, do you want to wait, or continue shutting down” kind of message. I clicked wait, and of course it didn’t work. I clicked cancel, then tried again but I went through the same thing, then tried CTRL ALT Del to close whatever was waiting for a response, but then the computer froze, and unfroze, and I couldn’t even shut down through the start menu or C+A+D. So I just pushed the start button on the compi because I was tired. ¬¬

Now the mouse doesn’t work. The scroll wheel isn’t recognized. I looked through Control Panel, and the compi doesn’t even recognize the option of a mouse with a scroll wheel. And it keeps tripping me up. I use the wheel and get no response, then remember, ‘Oh yeah, it doesn’t work’ so I click on the window then try the wheel again. ^_^; Then I move the mouse to grab the scrollbar and get really annoyed.